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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pics and Evidence....

Ok, which do you want first, the AWIP update, or the kitty story? :)

Mixed? Why not....

First, I didn't work on the nature socks. I am ready to turn the heel, but need to commit to working the whole thing uninterrupted. So.... it is sitting on the table waiting.... I did, however, finish the gussets on both Petal socks, and started down one foot.... (sorry, the pic is a little blurry)

Ok, now for some kitty story: Mica is a mouser. We know this, because way back when she was a kitten still, she caught and destroyed a mouse out at the cabin. We also know this, because of the time she spends in the basement, crashing around. And by the fact that she takes up position in or around the under-the-sink cupboard. What we needed to know was whether or not Ashleigh was a mouser. She had potential - she *is* a great hunter..... Whenever she came up from the basement, we would check to see whether the thing in her mouth had four legs, six legs, eight legs, or a hundred legs.... usually it was 6 or 100..... Sometimes no legs (aka ball, toy, fake flower, dog food, whatever else fell down the stairs and needed retrieving)

Next - picture of the Six-Sox current project reknit. :)

This picture shows (or at least it did on my computer) how much this yarn glitters....I'm really loving this stuff....) I'm kind of glad I ended up frogging and restarting this one.... I like this colour mix better than the first way I did it.

Now, this Friday night, DH and I were in the kitchen, and Mica was at her usual post in front of the open cupboard door (no point closing it, she just opens it herself). I was standing by the kitchen table, facing our back doorway. I saw a mouse run along the back wall. Told Mica she was in the wrong place, picked her up, and took her to the mouse. Well, I guess she didn't see it, because she rather annoyedly (is that a word?) ran back to the cupboard. The mouse ran behind some shoes and a box where I have my jars of oak, birch, poplar, mystery bush dyes. So, I moved stuff away from the wall, while DH brought Mica back. This time, she saw the mouse!! All I saw was a black blur, heard a squeeeaaaakkk, and saw Mica triumphantly carry a mouse off to the living room. Mica had actually launched herself out of "Daddy's" hands....which is quite a feat, if you consider he was holding her around the middle with her legs dangling down.....

Worked on some more repeats of the basket weave socks I'm going to give to DH. You can really see the texture developing in this picture now... I really do love those greys.... I can hardly wait until I'm able to buy more of this yarn.... I love this colour.... It's going to kill me to part with these socks.....LOL....

So, when Mica got into the living room with this mouse, Ashleigh appeared. Now, Ash and Mica get along wonderfully. They play fight - but you can tell they are playing. Wrestling like any two siblings would. Well, not when there is a mouse involved. Mica actually hissed at and slapped Ashleigh!! But, after a lot of being batter around, pawed at, carried in the mouth, and some several minutes later, the mouse finally changed owners, and Ashleigh killed it. Mica went back to the cupboard. Ashleigh still tossed the mouse around a while, playing with it. Since we lost Bone, though, we are trying to avoid allowing the kitties to eat mice. And, it isn't always a good thing to take them away too soon, since it might discourage the cat from bothering to catch any more, or worse, have them hide the fact they've caught something, and then we have no control on the eating part. Of course, they still might do that when we are out, or during the night, but we can try our best.....

And, this is how far I have gotten on the afghan:

Can you tell what it is yet? :) That is right!!! It is FEET!!!! LOL....

So, I took the mouse from Ashleigh, and I thought I'd shown her that I had it. I took it to the bathroom, and flushed it. I went back to the livingroom, to find Ashleigh frantically sniffing the floor, reaching her paw under the couch and the coffee table.... And then she started meowing at me!! Like she was asking, "Mommy - where did my mouse go? Did you see it? I can't find it anywhere...." Of ccourse, I kept telling her I was sorry, I thought she knew that I took it.... not that she understood a word I said!!

But, the good news is, that both Ashleigh and Mica are excellent mousers!!!


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