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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Walk on the wild side.

So. In the past, I've written about "urban wildlife". The wild critters I've seen wandering the city streets in the early morning.

Of course, I never have a camera on those occasions.

And, of course again, there is the Murphy's Law of cameras - If you take it with you when you walk the dogs, you won't see anything. But, if you forget to take it, you will see all manner of beastie.

So, some of the pictures were taken either in surprise, or on the move, or almost too late.... some are blurry. Some are taken in the evening, and the light isn't great.

But, for your viewing pleasure, I present: Some of the critters I've seen this summer.

Let's start with a distant deer.

What's that, you say? You can't see it? Well, I agree, so I zoomed in on one part of the picture.... Still looks like a blob, but trust me - there *were* two deer standing there.....

Yeah, I know - I said two, and there is only one deer. Well, see, we'd just arrived, were unloading the truck, and the camera wasn't unpacked, and the deer decided to start walking away. So I only got one in the picture.

Next: Grouse. Rough-necked. Not as clear as I'd like, but again - the bird was thinking self preservation, and was heading for cover while I was trying to walk closer to it.

Ok, next I'm going to show you a wood pile. Ok, I know - but.... we had a small woodpile. Not much in it at all. Then, we got two tree's worth of wood. Made a nice impressive pile. Then, we used some.... So, the point of this, is for the next picture. First, the woodpile - oh, and behind it, is the "mystery bush" that we took some red leaves off for the dye project.

Dang.... uploading picture problems yet again.... I *so* wanted to do this in order. Hm. Well, maybe....If I write for a while more, then I can upload some more. Worked one other time. See, I wanted to show the woodpile, 'cause when it was smaller, I had come out the back door, (with my sister, who was staying with us out there over the labour day weekend) preparing to walk the dogs, and I saw something crawling in front of, then over, the woodpile. It then headed off into the bush. I didn't have the camera, and could only think to ask for it..... had to chase into the bush after this thing.... I've only ever seen one once before in my entire life, and didn't realize we had them out by the cabin. I was only able to get a picture of it's butt, though.....

So, let's see if I can get the woodpile to load....

Nope. Dang. Maybe if I.... Ok, I'm not happy, but I'm going to try to do something.....

Ok, I tried.... I published the post, then I tried editing feature. I'm going to have to just publish, and come back later. What I don't like about that, is, then you read the later on post, and it shows up before this one, so you miss this one....... You know, 'cause it shows the newer posts first....

Wait a sec. No one says I have to show you all the pictures today..... So, consider what I wrote as a "teaser", and tomorrow I can show you the woodpile and the butt.

And then after that, I can show you some other pictures.....

In the meantime - craft content... or cat content....hmmmm which to write about.....

Nothing much new on the craft front. Have a few socks on needles, a bath mat that is being crocheted and is slow going.... have to design a new afghan - remember the dancer 'ghan from the spring? Her brother is having a birthday in December. Then there are some quilts I want to finish/start for the grandkids. I have one in the works for the gs, fabric for two of the three gd's. Hm. Need to find something for the third gd I guess....

Let's see, what else....Craft room needs a major cleaning. Organizing. For that matter, so does the rest of the house still. Anyone remember which month I started the living room carpet? Well, it still isn't finished.... need to redo most if not all of the part I did back then. Especially after "Trouble" and "Klutz" were left to their own amusements for the past couple weeks.... They did some re-organizing and re-decorating. With my yarns and threads. I came home to check on things, and found yarn all over, and thread wound around various pieces of furniture.

Um, what else can I tell you about? Oh!!! Right!!!! I should add in some new pets..... Went to BunnyHero Labs (link on every pet on the side there -->) and found a Panda. Figured, why not? And, they also had their original back again - the lightbulb. And a pencil that's sort of fun, and some scissors. So.... But you'll have to scroll for those - they *are* sort of silly.... :) Right up my alley!!!

Still reading Order of the Phoenix. Got tomatoes and garden stuff all over the place, needing to be looked after. Hm, why am I here, instead of doing all that work???? LOL.... Play first, work when the brain wakes up :)

Ok. So - sorry about the picture fiasco. Will post more tomorrow.... Off to add in the new pets!!


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