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Friday, June 30, 2006

Quick share :)

Ok...Off for a long weekend of relaxation here.... I'm supposed to be getting ready right now!!

Anyway, wanted to check in, make sure everyone knows I'm still alive, if busy as a beaver....

Finished a "UFO" this week. Well, last weekend - and it was one of those ones that fits MY definition of UFO. I bought the yarn for it over a year ago, had pattern yarn and hook together in a tote bag.... Then did not much besides move it from place to place.... Anyway, on the weekend, I started it...finished it in a few days - which I expected to do. BUT ran out of yarn - had to wait till I could get to the store, only to find out the yarn was discontinued....had to finish it with a co-ordinating yarn. Haven't taken picture yet....

What is it? Well, it's a second "Coming Home Poncho" from Lionbrand, crocheted in Homespun yarn.

My first one was made using three balls of Homespun - less than the four called for. I was going to make the second one longer, and figured four balls was more than enough.... *sigh*. I knew I wasn't going to make it longer.... But I was very surprised to run out.... Lionbrand is very good. I notified them, and they offered to send me more yarn as an "apology", but I respectfully declined...after all, the colour was discontinued, and I *did* have a completed poncho....

Will take pics later.

In the meantime - pics of my newest acquisition - my new "baby"

Beautiful, isn't she? We're going to keep her on display in the living room, and we've actually called her "Betsy". Yeah, but no Ross.... Anyway, I know she isnt' a Singer, but she is definitely vintage, and a Singer Clone. Apparently, there were a lot of these Clones made in the 1940's.... Anyway....

I should also mention, that I finally found two projects that have been started, then moved and lost, now found.... I joined the "Amazing Lace" and committed to finishing my Charlotte's Web shawl, and my Frost Flowers and Leaves. Both started ages ago, FF&L has been frogged a few times, and Charlotte needs to be.... But, now that I found them, I can do something with them!!

Ok, gotta run....


  • At 10:33 p.m., Blogger Ann C. said…

    Hi Anne C from another Ann C in Dallas, Texas who is also a catlady. At the moment we have six indoor babies and a slew of outdoor babies(somewhere around 16 adults and 15 to 17 kittens). We have to get a few of them new homes because the neighbors are getting really aggressive about their dislike of cats in the neighborhood. Oh well. I also love to knit lace, washcloths, etc. Just about anything but do have to make sure I do it away from the kitties!
    Ann in Dallas, also the catlady


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