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Friday, May 05, 2006

All right :)

Ok, I followed this thing from someone else's blog or whatever.... I did the quiz, and - oh, gee - what a surprise!!!! LOL....

I also saw, after posting yesterday, that I *did* get a duck after all. Ok, so I am obsessive about those pet things.... I also see they've updated the kitty - Fuschia Kitty can get out of the basket, and eat a tin of food :) She goes at that just as much as the real kitties here attack tinned food!

Ok, so I still need to find my way to the flickr thing, so I can load up on some blog button thingies, for the groups I'm in.... :) I gotta weed those out one of these days....

I also have to get busy here, finishing the carpet. DH remarked about it last night - which is not a good thing to do when he's just finished telling me all about the things that not-so-D son is doing/wanting us to help/wanting us to commit time to.....

So, I snarled an answer.... He snarled a bit back..... we sat in silence most of the rest of the evening.....

So, I best get busy, instead of sitting here on the 'puter....


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