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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why I didn't post last week

Ok, first of all, my DH called in sick to work last Monday. So, that kind of crimped my style for being on the 'puter.... I mean, I love the guy and all that, but sometimes, I need a place to vent about some of the things that happen....

Well, I really must love the guy.

Around 5 that afternoon, I was on the phone to the ambulance people..... Seems he had some sort of thing happen - I thought at the time it was a stroke - he was unresponsive, his eyes rolled back in his head, that sort of thing. Well, we didn't get home from the hospital until 5 pm Tuesday.....

They ran all sorts of tests, and ruled out heart attack, blood pressure (either high or low) and no evidence of a stroke.....

So, they don't know what the problem was.

Anyway, he seems to be feeling much better now - wish I was, lol.... I am still concerned, but trying not to coddle him too much.

But, that set things back for a while - Wednesday he went back to work, and it was my laundry day (gee, with all the calls to 9-1-1 lately you'd think they know us personally!!) so that left Thursday, then it was the long weekend. So.... I'm a week behind in a lot of things.

Spent most of the weekend doing outside things - helping to clean up the yard, a little of the garage. He changed the oil in the vehicle.... I tried taking the stuff we bought for the kids over to their house, but they still ended up coming to ours anyway.... I did take pics, but haven't downloaded off the camera yet. I am sort of excited about one of those - a few years ago, I made an afghan for the second oldest - I think it was for her 2nd birthday - anyway, they had that one over Nikoal, so I got to get a good picture of it. Hadn't taken one before, between not having a decent type camera, and not thinking to do so....

Anyway, once I get that one downloaded, will post it.

So.... In the hospital, I got a bunch of rounds done on the kitty doily. And, I knitted a dishcloth, which I can't share a pic of just yet - it's for an exchange. So, I'll do that one later. :)

In the meantime:

These are the two dishcloths for NCB dishcloth group.... knitted bunny on the left (I know, hard to see) and crocheted on the right. It was called "rainbow stripes" and the sample with the pattern managed diagonal striping. But I like the way this one turned out. :) And I bet it would make a great afghan in this stitch, too.

Progress on the dishcloth Kals, and the kitty doily:
I am way farther on the kitty now... If I can, I will show a close-up of one of the kitties... I have the pic, but I am beginning to suspect there is a per-post limit on these things.... might be why I was having problems sharing pics in past posts....

OK - next up is....the finished five piece bath set, and the progress on the sixth sense sock. I think in this pic, I'm ready to start the heel. I've since turned the heel.... :) Oh, and my "inspectors" are shown, too.....

Mica on the left, Ashleigh on the right :)

Ok, now, if I can....

I have a bookcase. It is 6 feet tall, if I'm not mistaken.... Well, I have two, but one is dismantled at the moment until I clean the carpet.... So, over a week ago, I was in the process of emptying the shelves, so I could move them, and clean... I have since done that (well, that spot, at least - I have a lot more of the room to do). Ok, so - I've told people before, don't know if I've written about it, but Mica loves to be off the floor. And I've been convinced that ever since she was a kitten, she has been trying to figure out ways to walk on the ceiling. And she's been eyeing up our ceiling fan, too.... Now, these shelving unit(s) are dangerously close to said ceiling fan. I really don't like how she looks at the fan some days, but I've never been able to capture it on camera... Well, when I downloaded the craft pics, I discovered that DH *was* able to take a pic or two....

On the right, you can almost see the Ashford Traddy that I have been learning to spin with :) As soon as I get off my butt (and off this machine, lol) and finish the carpet, the sooner I'll be able to spend more time with the Traddy :)

So.... That's about it for now.... I'm going to go now and set up myself on another blog ring :) Spindlers. I will try to download some more pics, and add them before the week is over. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


  • At 10:49 p.m., Blogger Three Sisters Yarn said…

    That must have been so scary!! I'm glad he's OK.

    The doilies and dishcloths are beautiful!

  • At 1:11 a.m., Blogger Debbie said…

    Wow - you sure are busy! I love the Mystery Shawl 2. I'm a fellow STKS member. I put a link to your blog on mine - come visit me!

  • At 8:42 a.m., Blogger WPGGAL said…

    OK, so why haven't you posted this week?


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