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Monday, April 03, 2006

April.... UFO goal....

I've been setting monthly goals to complete UFO's, with the help of the group, UFO 12 for 12. That is such a great idea - commit to getting 12 UFO's done in 12 months....

This month, though, I'm going for two ;) Pictures were posted in an earlier progress post - shouldn't be too far down, and since I haven't touched them (other than to move them around on the table to get at something under them, or pick them up when the cat or cats knock them down, lol) since taking their portraits....

Anyway, the first is called "Between Meals Centerpiece". I purposely broke the link.... it was messing up my blog!!!

It was the doily of the month for February. I'm finished round 9 of 60. I hope to complete this one by the end of April.

Second, the
Crochet/afc_augfreepattern.pdf Kitty doily - (again, purposely broke the link)
I'm ready to start round 12 of 28. This was the March doily of the month. I won't even go into the member choices.... or the April doily.... I might try to get going on those, but I really want to clean up the UFO's too.... :)

I should be able to get caught up - after all, the Pi is off the needles.... :) Still need to be blocked, but it *is* off the needles.....


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