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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad timing.... but....

I mentioned once before, about how the virus scan on my 'puter starts at 8 am, and interferes with me posting here.... especially uploading pictures... Well, darn it all, if I didn't manage to time it so it is just now 8 o'clock....

I'm going to try anyway. I've been dishclothing - being in a few groups that knit dishcloths. And, I've been working on so many "long" projects - shawls - that having small things like dishcloths that take an hour or two to knit is helping to break up the monotony and possible frustration that could result from forcing myself to make the big things. But, I am making progress on those big 'uns.

So, here's the dishcloths of late:

This one was a double shamrock knit cloth. It has a lace bit up the side. The lace bit was awkward to knit, and really doesn't look all that great, in my opinion. Of course, I'm not a fan of shamrocks, either - but, I did give it a try....

Also, I've never gotten the hang of filet, so when this one came up, I figured, maybe with big hook and big thread, I'll figure it out:

(sigh - well, guess I'll be uploading later today the rest of the pictures....)

Ok, so I gotta go shopping right away, hope to be back by noon, will upload then.... Have to show you my Mystery shawl, my socks which were a UFO, and another dishcloth that is in progress.... I know, I like the quick to finish dishcloths, but it's kind of fun to also do a KAL dishcloth, where we only get a few rows of the pattern at a time. This is one that could almost be worked ahead, but I don't want to do that.... It's also one that I always see, and always think, "I don't need to make that one, I know how to do short rows already, and it doesn't really grab me". But, since I didn't know until I'd gotten into this one exactly which it was, I figured, "why not?". Now, I'm really glad I did - not sure if it is because I am using one of my favourite colours, or if it is because the actual cloth in hand is always easier to see than any picture - but I really really like this pattern.... Oh, I should mention, that today is "day 5" for clues, but since I only craft in the evenings, and since I didn't get on the puter until late last night for yesterday's clue, I've only done up to day 3 so far. Should be caught up quick enough, though....

I know, pictures later.... I promise!!! Besides, if I get off my butt and upload the pictures, then I can delete them off my harddrive.... :) But, I have to buy food, and run a couple errands.


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