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Monday, March 06, 2006

Picture Posting Time :)

Well, first - I joined a dishcloth month group - we do a "mystery" knit along - the list mom posts parts of the pattern each day for the first week, and we knit a bit a day.... I've completed part five, but haven't taken that pic yet, but here's the first four parts:

Ok, they didn't line up perfect, but it goes day 1 top left, day 2 top right, day 3 bottom left, and 4 is bottom right.... Tonight, I'll take picture of day five, knit day 6 which is the end, then picture again and try to remember to post tomorrow again. I need to update my photo album, anyway.... :)

Another talented lady on that list designed a cloth as well, which I got to be a test knitter for:

front and back view, of course, complete with helper!!!

After I'm done with this post, I'm going to try again to do the blog button for the dishcloth group.... in case anyone wants to try it out.... nice people....

Ok, next up is a second tote bag. Remember the pink tote bag? I liked it so much I started a second one. Same pattern, same brand of yarn, different colour..... Only....

Well, I do admit that I did another extra round at the top, but I also made the strap a little shorter than the pink ( which is now a bit stretched from use - I haven't felt the need to wash it yet... )

Besides knitting dishcloths, I'm still doing a crochet along.... Kittens in a Row afghan is the project for this month.... I posted last month's projects, the baby sweater and heart doily.... several heart doilies, in fact, lol... This month, an afghan stitch dishcloth was our "stitch to practice" project.... And, I'm progressing on my Pi shawl. Slow slow slow but progressing.

Here's pics of those:

Ok, so, I'll be newsy tomorrow... LOL.... :) Uploading pictures is time consuming!!! And I have to clean my basement - long story, newsy, for tomorrow....


  • At 10:40 p.m., Blogger Emily said…

    I hear ya about the time consuming pictures! Great knitting pix, thanks for sharing!


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