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Friday, January 27, 2006

Pi time....

Ok. I worked on the Pi Anniversary shawl the night before last. I cast on, and worked up to the 144 stitch increase. After that, one is to start a lace pattern. I did that last night. But DS and DDIL came over for a visit, so I didn't get to work on the shawl, or anything else, for very long.

Progress pic, you ask? Ok. Here 'tis.

So, with DS and DIL coming last night, I really don't have much else to share!!!

I'm planning a dinner party for next Saturday evening - have three people coming over. Need to tidy up the house (I'm not even going to bother saying "clean the house" 'cause I know I don't have time.) and then spend a couple days cooking. That's the fun part - the cooking. I enjoy it immensely!! I do a Chinese take-out style supper. Everything from the eggrolls to the fortune cookies.

Oh, I should, though, share about something else... Before Christmas, DH brought home a nice office style chair for us to use at the computer. We used to use a kitchen chair. Where he works, they've been doing some nice office renovations, and replaced a bunch of the chairs. So, this one would have likely ended up being tossed out.... Anyway, like I said, he brought it home for *us* to use.... Us HUMANS, that is.....



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