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Thursday, January 19, 2006

'Bout time I got back!!!

AND - finished objects to report :)

Ok, sorry for not posting sooner. I'm back from Sunny Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Have lots of stories to share about that trip, too. Just need to figure out how to use the new scanner to get a picture posted.... Yes, we have some digital pics, too, but there are a couple of old fashioned printed pics I want to share first....

Anyway. I also took with me a couple different projects to work on. Finished two of them. Got a chunk of progress done on a third :) I am now up to starting round 22 of the Feather and Fan doily. So, just rounds 22, 23, and 24 to do. I think I saw the word "picot" in round 24.....

Finally finished (though still need to photograph) the Rhodonite (Socks That Rock yarn) socks I started after coming home from BloomieFest ( last year. I bought all my STR yarn there - and I'm hooked on it now. I love that stuff.... Merino wool, superwash, gorgeous colourways....
Oh, and you can find it at

And I finished the alpaca (drool) scarf for DH.

Now, I really do want to tell you more about the trip, and will try to soon. But, this is going to be a very hectic time at home. I am planning a dinner party on the 4th of February, and I really MUST clean the living room before that. I know, you guys heard all about my inability to clean it for Christmas, but I want to do it in the next two weeks. Not to mention, all the other "getting home and back to normal" stuff....

I can do it, I know I can.....

But, I'll try to pop in and update, even if it's only brief messages.... I'll try to load some pictures soon, too....


  • At 8:59 a.m., Blogger WPGGAL said…

    Welcome back, did you have a good holiday, besides knitting?? Hope to hear all about it.


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