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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

masochistic, maybe....

Ok, first, I'm going to update the pattern:

Beginning at the edge of the cast off row, on the top left hand side of the "tummy square" with mc, right side facing you, pick up 85 stitches in the ends of the rows. This should put you with your 85th stitch in the last of the work even rows at the midpoint of the first square.

Using mc, knit 20* rows.

* you may be knitting another row or two.... this is as far as I got myself... now I need to do some math and a little figuring.... :)

NOW - for the title of this post.... :)

I had a busy weekend, which included a trip to a yarn store for a sale! ( if anyone is interested in the store) While there, even though I planned only to buy two balls of Kroy sock yarn and one hank of Briggs & Little Durasport, I also picked up two balls of another yarn to knit socks for DH and three balls of alpaca yarn (excuse me while I drool here).

Last night, I finished knitting the gift shawl. All I need to do now is weave in the tails, and block it. Wuhoo - a finished project! Right? Now I can get on with the cat afghan pattern writing, and I can get some more projects worked on and finished, right? SO - what did I do? Cast on with the alpaca to knit DH a scarf........

*sigh*. And of course, there is the part where I'm addicted to alpaca. So far, that has happened as a result of meeting a few animals face to face - and what sweet faces they are - and petting roving, and cleaning and spinning up a bit of fleece - now I'm actually knitting with some alpaca yarn. And it is just as soft and warm and cosy feeling as the animal itself.....

And I already told DH when I came home from the store that I was going to knit the alpaca yarn into a scarf for him.

*SIGH* - that is where the masochistic part comes in. I know I get to "play" with the yarn, and feel it while I'm knitting with it, but then I have to give up the scarf to him........

Oh, there is another masochistic part.... Like the part where I don't have enough wips going on, that I gotta go starting another one...... *sigh*

Oh, well....

Next time I post, I'll try listing the wips again. Or maybe before that I'll finally find one of those things for the blogs where you have your wips and the progress in a bar chart thing....Maybe I'll just take a picture of the pile!!


  • At 1:25 p.m., Blogger WPGGAL said…

    Hi Anne, let me be the first to congratulate you on your new blog. Sounds like its going to be fun!


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