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Friday, November 18, 2005

some pictures :) of FO's :)

Well, I think I mentioned before, that on the EzasPi list, there was a shetland lace workshop. There was a contest. I wanted to enter - I made a "sampler scarf" - there were patterns/directions to make five scarves - instead, I did several rows of each pattern, started at the bottoms of the scarve edges, and grafted them together in the middle. I only last Christmas time-ish finally figured out how to graft knitting, or "kitchener" stitch toes of socks together. And, I am rather proud of myself for grafting the scarf so well :)

The item I wanted to do for the contest is a mini hap shawl. I finished it with a week to spare. I took some pictures of it, and the scarf, and another scarf I'd knitted using LionBrand Midnight Mohair (funny, they say that one ball and certain size needles would make a scarf - I used that size needle, and a lace pattern instead of basic garter, and have a very short scarf.....). I went to download the pics from the camera - it said "no pics in camera". I tried to turn the camera on... wouldn't work.... DH claimed I had the batteries in wrong (then how come it worked before that moment? I'd changed the batteries about two weeks prior....) Anyway, he played around for a while, shook the thing for a while, then it started to work again. By then, it was getting darkish...

Ok, this is not anything fancy we're talking about - I'd invested in a mini digital camera from WalMart when I was in Illinois last March.... under $20 US....

Anyway, the camera works now, but I need good light for taking pictures. All last week, the one nice sunny day, I was busy with too many other things to be able to do anything about it... *sigh*. So, I missed the contest deadline anyway. I was in no real hurry to retake the pics, but did so today.

So, without further ado... Here are pictures of the two scarves, and Lady Ashleigh's mini hap shawl....


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