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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not much

of an update today. Didn't get pics yesterday of anything-was a dull dull dull grey day. We even got some snow last night. Not much stayed around, though. Made driving in the early morning dicey in less travelled areas, but mostly wet. Supper was great last night - lots of compliments on my wings, I "dished out" several compliments to others... sorry about the pun, couldn't resist :)

I added some links to the side.... If you see lots of "google news" links, or anything like that, it's cause I don't know all that computer stuff, but I did figure out how to do copy and paste and edit some parts, so that I get what I want without messing up the whole thing.... lol.... you should have seen the mess I made of this blog in the first few days... Thank heavens for helpful friends :)

Today is my least favourite chore day... any regular readers out there yet? LOL... Ok, today is laundry day. And it turns out that I have some little errands that need to be done... So - no house again. Maybe I'll take pictures... take that drastic measure!! I need DISCIPLINE. I need to say NO to some of these silly errands. But, I can't... you gotta do what you gotta do. OF course, if I weren't trying to do more frequent blog updates, maybe I could get more housework done

Ok... Enough of that.... Gotta go swap a laundry load!!


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