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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

House work

*sigh* not much progress... I did a tear through the house yesterday, picking up and "surface cleaning" - then got a major headache. Not quite a migraine, but close. So, I didn't get as far as I wanted.

So, Just to define things here... I consider "surface clean" the day to day cleaning we must all endure. Picking things up, sweep/vaccuum the floor, wash dishes. Then, there is the "weekly clean" - bathroom, mopping, dusting. "Deep clean" is next - where you clean the carpet, organize the closets, the bathroom cupboards... Finally, "spring clean". Which is more a state of being than a time of being. Spring clean is when I strip out the cupboards, wipe 'em down, wash the walls, the ceiling, the stuff that was in the cupboards... de clutter, the whole thing!!!

That "spring clean" is what I want to achieve before Christmas. I will have to post pone the windows part of the spring cleaning, 'cause it is too cold to take out the windows that can be takend out for washing, and definitely too cold to stand around outside on a ladder with a bucket of water and wet hands/rag washing windows!!

But, I can still "deep clean" the windows - that is, wash them on the inside :)

On the crafting front - I started the Frost Flowers and Leaves last night, and I messed up the mystery shawl. So, I'll be fixing the Mystery shawl tonight, at the knit meet up at our Chapters. I may take along a simple edging project I'm working on as well.... I won't take FF&L, though, as that one is way too involved to knit while chatting :)

So. That's a short update for today :)

Hopefully, I will accomplish more than just laundry in the house cleaning department today. But, somehow, I doubt it... Laundry day is not a good day for me. I *hate* doing laundry.


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