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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just have to share :)

Ok, first, I had a bad day yesterday... I'm a packrat, I admit it, and I have trouble getting rid of stuff that is useful. But I'm working on reforming - I'm in the process of trimming down, tossing things, giving to Sally Ann - I really have too much stuff. Now, I also seem to have a bad memory - seems that some time back, like, last spring or so, I thought we were low on brown sugar, and so I bought more. Well, I forgot I bought it.... Guess I wasn't so low after all, or something. Anyway, I collect (not in the good way, like the kitty collection, or stash, or anything!) plastic containers - margarine tubs, sour cream containers, etc. Y'know, the free things, that if something dies in it, you don't mind tossing them... or shouldn't mind ;} Well, I have a cupboard FULL of them. So much, that I couldn't close the cupboard door anymore. I keep other stuff, good stuff, in the same cupboard. And, apparently, I discoverd yesterday, I also put a package of brown sugar in that cupboard. News flash: Mice like brown sugar.

What should have been a one or two hour tops job (sorting and tossing plastic) turned into a major washing of everything, sorting, and cleaning job. I spent about five hours yesterday on it, and have a lot more to finish up today....

Then, yesterday's mail brought a recall notice for our vehicle..... Made an "appointment" for this morning, at 7:30. The "appointment" turned into "Oh, that's an appointment to drop a vehicle off, not when we work on it". I won't write here what I said there..... Two hours later, I'm home, to do my least favourite household chore.... Laundry. I come in the house, stop at the bathroom, go to the basement, open the washing machine, and the phone rings.... DS wants to know if I'll babysit.... Well, that was enough to cheer me up :) :) :) Ok, need to explain here - I don't like little kids. I don't like babies. I'm not at all a baby person, or a little kid person, or any of that. Someone walks in the room with a baby, and I'm NOT the one that goes, OOO.. Let me hold it.... NO, that is not me at all. Then Nikoal was born this summer.... She's the fourth grand kid. I don't know if it is age, or what, but there is something about little Miss Nikoal. She's a sweetie....

I know I wasn't going to post any more pics here in the postings, but it was so cute when Ashleigh met Nikoal....
On the left, it looks like Ashleigh is saying, "What is that?" And on the right, she's just looking.... And below, is Ashleigh being nosy and licking Nikoal :) Sadly, I didn't get a pic of Ashleigh touching noses with Nikolis - the nearly four year old grandson....

Ok, so now, though, you'll have to go to the album page (yesterday's post has the link) to see my latest progress on the mystery shawl... :)

And, another thing that I almost forgot about, was this link: The picture there isn't mine - I still haven't gotten around to taking pictures of all the things I've made before getting the mini-digital camera, but the pattern is mine :)

So. Guess that's my update for today!!


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