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Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekend coming....

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. I'll be away until Tuesday, having turkey dinner with friends... So, I won't be back to update till at least Wednesday.

Short post here, due to the fact that I make a couple sweet potato pies for the dinner :) Been a yearly get together for a few years, now....

So. I have pets... Still don't quite have pictures, but I have pets, lol.

And I have to thank a great friend of mine, also a blogger, for helping me to get those pets up and running - check out her blog (she's very talented at knitting, flower raising, cat mommy-ing, and friend helping, too...)

Oh, cool... I figured out how to add a pic to my post!!! This is Mica, the black tabby (1.5 yrs old) and Ashleigh, our newest family member.

And now, here's Roxy - taken earlier this summer, in the porch. She's 17 and a half, and we were afraid we'd have to send her to the "Rainbow Bridge" 'cause she's losing her hearing. So we got Ashleigh to keep Mica company.... And that gave Roxy time to adapt. So, we're keeping her around a little longer.

And, since I'm sharing....
Here's Spud, the sheltie cross (she's 11 yrs old already!) and Bear, the Border Collie (he's only 8)

Ok, so that's the fur family :) Will try to write and share some crafting type pictures next week :) Happy Turkey Day!!


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