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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

second post, and hopefully.....

I can figure out all this blog stuff. Yes, me, who doesn't think they are self- important enough to have a website....

No offense to other bloggers, of course. Just my opinion.... Anyway.

I'm going to try to add some cool stuff, like a pet or two. And maybe a link or so.

I tried, in the personal profile thing, to list most of my likes and stuff. Only it didn't work they way I wanted it. It was supposed to come up something like "cats, knitting, cats, crocheting, cats.... You get the idea. I love to craft - it is my way of relaxing. Started many moon ago when I first quit smoking, so the crafting became the stress reducer. Now, I can't sell my crafts because then it's work, not relaxation. I can give it away, just not sell.

But cats - now they are definitely something to keep my sane. A few years ago, when we painted the living room, I had my "kitty collection" packed up, and discovered just how upsetting it was not to be able to see it.... I need my kitties around me!!

Someone, on one of the craft email lists I'm on (which are many, and I've left some over the years for a variety of reasons) once made referrence to a word - "tharn" and tried to explain the meaning. I don't recall everything she said, but it had to do with rabbits, the book "Watership Down" (good one, read it if you haven't) and the sort of panic feelings that one sees in rabbits.... that discussion took place around the time of the painting, so I truly feel that I understood the concept of "tharn" - quite a disturbing feeling....

Ok, enough of that, let's see what else I can add to this blog :)


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