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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wips and lately

Well, thought it was time to list some of my wips/ufos.

I am still working on getting buttons listed on the side, and need to create or design one for the yahoo group I'm the mom of. Bet that got you grammar buffs going :)

I also don't know how to do links on the side yet, nor how to do one of those cool analogue style clocks, and I wouldn't mind if I could do my project list on the side with those bar graphs that say how far along I am. But - I can't yet, so you'll have to live with me listing them here in a post.

Oh, and I think, rather than always adding pics to the posts here, I'll just post my yahoo album -
There, now if you want to check out my finished items, or my knit alongs in progress, you can go there, and when I figure it out, I'll put that link on the side bar.

In the meantime:
My current (meaning they are handy to me in the living room) knitting projects:
Myster shawl knit along (clue 3 of 5 done)
Shetland Lace Workshop (I'm working on a scarf, and will be doing a hap shawl next)
Pacific Northwest shawl (frogged, need to find new yarn for)
Heart Illusion Scarf (have changed mind on colour, am just starting again)
Frost Flowers and Lace Shawl (knit along starts Nov. 1, I need to spin some alpaca to make it)
Diamond Shawl (freebee from Lionbrand, using Homespun, have restarted it several times, it was on a "time out" but now that I'm getting really good at lace....)
Popcorn Socks (I had been up to the heel of these, then thought I'd made a mistake, frogged, and realized I hadn't)
Blue socks (basic for DH - not started....)
Brown socks for DH (up to the heel of sock 1)
Citrus Sunrise socks (ribbing of sock 2)
Pink socks for me (started leg of sock 2)
Turkish Toe Up socks (pattern from Lynn H. of
Knit Sampler (am on square #6 from the Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan book)

I have a few other knit projects, that are the same as the blue socks - the yarn, needles, and pattern are all together in a basket on my couch, but technically are not yet started. In my vocabulary, that makes them a WIP - so, counting those: Lorna's Laces socks, Branching out scarf (s'pose this is a UFO - I can't seem to get excited, or past the garter first border), to be felted hat kit, "Adam's Kitty", wrist warmers, and a second pair of Cascading Leaves Socks. I also have to buy more yarn to finish making a beaded stole of my own "design".

In Crochet, there is:
A baby afghan I need to make before mid November
A "bear" afghan - granny squares shaped like a teddy bear
Blue white motif doily
square doily
romantic doily
mom's crystal doily
peggy's doily
dahlia doliy
fan and fantasy doily
tulip doily
the doilies listed here are the names on the patterns, all available on the net free, not one's that are for people in particular :)
a brown poncho, a thread froggy, a thread kitty, some doggy booties, a chenile shawl and a poncho for my sister, (she knows, so it isn't a surprise) a granny square afghan, and a book cover. Phew!!! In some ways, the crochet projects are sort of all UFO's, 'cause I've been in a crochet slump for a while, and haven't touched them. I had to force myself to pick up a hook to make the baby blankie before the baby is born!! DH wanted me to make it for a co-worker of his...

Next up: Quilt list - I'm trying to make a Teddy bear holding balloons quilt for my GS - from a Quiltmaker magazine some months (ok, year or so) back - wanted to have it finished for his b-d last year. I *might* make it for this year (Dec.) I only have to put on borders, then quilt it....
I also want to work on an applique quilt for Christmas (Not this year, but some year!), and a penguin quilt, and a blue triangle quilt. The penguin was a freebie of the month from a few years ago now, Claudia's Quilt Shoppe. The Christmas and the Triangle come from my favourite magazine, Quiltmaker.

Also wanting to do: Ufo status (meaning the necessary stuff to make it is in the craft room) Stairway to Cat Heaven, House BOM, Blue Sampler, Dear Jane, and Baltimore Album.

Next, I guess, I only have one latchhook project downstairs. A kitty rug I started some time ago, and want to finish. I have a little kit to make a woven bag - am having problems for some reason with it, but am determined to finish it. I *do* know how to weave, I *do* like the little kit, and it *is* for a small coin purse/amulet bag size.... I also bought enough stuff to make myself some beaded knitting stitch markers....

Cross stitch: A little card that is an embellished kitty (printed cloth, and you only stitch part of the design), a kit for "Bag Ladies", and I know there are a couple others that I really want to do/finish.... I had relegated most cross stitch to UFO status due to failing eyesight, but am slowly picking it up again now that I have bifocals :)

Phew!! That's a lot of projects... We won't talk about how much physical space they take up -

I'll keep everyone posted on my progress :)


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