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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New month, new update

Hm, just realized as I typed the title, that I haven't changed any calendars yet. Oh well, later :)

Ok, updates: Last night - I felt ripped off. I love to shell out. I love to dress up as a witch, and shell out. See all the great kids with their costumes....

I didn't mind the part where DS was dropping Nikoal off - I've "waxed poetic" about that before... lol... I did, however, think that it would only be for part of the night, and I could take over from DH and still get some shell out time - y'know, like having my cake and eating it, too. Well, DS and group showed up nice and early, and didn't come back until late.... And Nikoal fell asleep within minutes of arriving, and only woke up for about fifteen minutes, where she smiled and giggled at the kitties, at Spud the dog, at Grandpa when he walked through for a quick bathroom break, and at me. Then she had her bottle and went right back to sleep. So, I got no shell out time, and no playing with Nikoal time. Ripped off...

The only consolation was getting to watch a little TV. Most of last night's shows were re-runs, but at least Corner Gas wasn't...

I added a new button - Laughing Lace Knitters. They are a bunch of lunatics who love knitting and talking off topic. I'm one of the head lunatics, lol... A moderator for that group. We all met on one of the knitalongs, and were told off for doing too much off topic chatter... So we started our own off topic chatter group, and sometimes we talk about lace knitting. But we're really a sweet bunch of caring people....

And today marks the start of the Frost Flowers And Leaves Knit Along. I'll be casting on tonight, and hopefully will get a few rounds in. Didn't get to spin enough (heck, *any*) laceweight alpaca to make it with, so I'm using some Briggs & Little Durasport in ecru. I can't afford to buy a lot of it at once, so I'm going to buy a skein at a time - will be a huge risk with dye lots, but hopefully, that won't be a problem. IF it is, then I'll just have to break down and overdye the finished shawl. I really wanted to make it in white/off white, just like real frost, but if worse comes to worst, I can always make a second one. In fact, since one of the members of the KAL is adapting the pattern to make a triangular version, maybe I'll knit a triangle in alpaca.... Start with the pattern as written, then when I practice up and get some lace alpaca, I can make a second one. :)

And today also marks the day that no matter what else, I'm setting my goal in concrete to get my house cleaned up and at least somewhat decluttered by Christmas. I will commit to spending time every single day working toward that goal. I've read the Don Aslett books, I've made notes, I've started some areas.... Remember the mouse story from an earlier post?

So. Today I commit.... And I've done so publically, so I gotta follow through!!! There is a very good reason that support groups are GROUPS, lol...

Will keep you posted.


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