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Monday, October 31, 2005

It's the CAT Holiday :)

It is such a toss up whether today is my favourite holiday, being the Cat holiday and all, or Christmas is. I keep my Hallowe'en decorations - well, some of them - up year 'round. Any of the cat ones, (and I have a couple bats, too) hang around the living room until the one day they get taken out to the porch. I also like to dress up.... One year, I wore a red plaid coat - mostly for warmth, but some of the rug-rats that came to the door decided I was a "lumberjack". The next year, I wore my leather jacket, so I was a "motorcyclist". Then, I bought a witch's hat.... Ever since, I've been building on the witch idea. :)

Ok. Enough of that... On to the craft front... :)

Updates: I finished one crochet afghan, baby size, to be a gift for DH's co-worker. I have a picture in my photo album in the crochet of course album. Also, in the MS2 album is an update of the mystery shawl number 2. Last clue for that, the edging, came out Friday, and I got my printout of it today. Don't think I'll get much time tonight to work on it, though. Besides handing out candy, I get to look after Nikoal :) while DS takes the other three out trick or treating.... He said he's tired of always having to carry one along.... I certainly don't mind getting the little sweetheart for a while :)

Ok, more update: I've been spinning.... I made a smallball of alpaca yarn. Not the laceweight I was hoping for, and rather "slubby", but it happened :) I put a picture of that into a new spinning album :) Last night, I made some more. I made a second ball. Having difficulty with getting a good picture for some reason. I tried to take a couple angles, and took one of the two balls together - but they didn't all turn out. I may try again later... But the second ball has a lot of consistency to it. I'm so proud of myself!! Still not laceweight :( but at least consistent!! I may try one more time - maybe - or I may break down and buy some yarn so I can start the Frost Flower and Leaves KAL....It starts tomorrow. Some people have already started it, and some of us are waiting for the "official" start... Since a lot of us are on the Mystery Shawl list, and others together, we all have some project in the works.... But I really wanted to do the spinning my own yarn for this - an alpaca FF&L.... (oh, should mention, the pattern is from the book, A Gathering of Lace - which is on my "must buy" list - there are TONS of great patterns in there!)

More updates: Way back, or way down on this page, lol, I mentioned a local knit together group. I was talking about how I had no one really to knit with - well, I do, sort of, have someone.... Ok, I need to apologize to my sister. It's just that, well.... OK, of course, by default, she's been knitting longer than me, 'cause she's older so would have learned first. That's kind of obvious - - HOWEVER.... She had problems with wool. She couldn't knit with it. So, for the longest time, she really didn't knit. Much. Until man made fibres became more widely available, and acceptable. I know, there are still people out there that say you aren't knitting if you don't use wool (think I mentioned I actually had someone tell me that). But in general, knitting without wool is becoming more common. So. With some encouragement, I got her back into knitting more often. She now considers me the more experienced knitter, but I know there are things I can learn from her. And I find it truly amazing that even though we were taught by the same person to knit (our mother) we have different styles/methods of knitting....

Another update: I hadn't realized that I didn't update about that sewing machine I bought. I finally got some information about how old it is. Seems that the serial number on my machine starts with the letters "ME". All machines made with the serial numbers starting MA to MY were made between the years 1934 and 1950. So... That puts mine somewhere in the 1940's, early, I'd guess.... :) And it works fine.... It's been plugged in, turned on, and operated - it is smooth moving, and quiet. So. A bit of a plug for Singer, there. Their machines last.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to afford to buy the instruction book for it, so I can get the right bobbins and see if the attachments from my newer machine (bought in the late 1970's) will fit it.

Ok, I think that updates things for now.

I'm also going to try to update this blog a little more frequently in the future!!


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