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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Status on crafts

But didn't accomplish much on the housework front yesterday.

I moved FF&L off the dpn's, and onto a circular needle last night. Didn't knit too many rounds.

Had another meet-up with the local knitters. More fun and laughter and stash building :) Thanks to one person who buys yarn from the local thrift stores, and is willing to share with the rest of us :)

Worked on a dishcloth - I joined the dishcloth exchange on a group I own. Working on figuring out how to design a blog button for that one. In the meantime, it's over at Yahoo groups if anyone wants to try searching for it... called "knitwithcats". Anyway, started the cloth, 'cause it's a simple design that I could knit and chat at the same time. Also took along and worked on fixing the MS2 (mystery shawl 2). I had done a knit row when I should have done a purl row, 'cause I was confused by the wordy directions. I've been learning to knit lace using charts, and find it so much easier than all those word things.... But I know, we can't have everything exactly the way we want it. With my brain function and eyesight, though, I actually find the charts much easier. Anyway, what I'm trying to babble about here, is that I in no way blame the designer - it was my confusion that caused the error. And the end result is, I had to fix some 300+ stitches. So, that's done, now here's hoping that I can follow the words about setting up and knitting the edging!!! It's a chart, so that is going to be fine, but I gotta get into the words again for getting around the point of the shawl, then I can relax and finish off with the chart!!!

I've also got to get some edging done on a piece that is to be a contest entry, due sometime around the middle of this month. I finished off the edge along one of four sides last night.

Oh, and I guess I should do some pictures... :) Since several people have told me, via email in the groups, that they like my fur family pics, I should try adding a few more :)

SO, here are some of the cat who thinks she's a dog, and why....

These pictures are all taken last year, when Mica was still a "kitten"... Well, officially a kitten, that is. She's a year and a half old, and still behaves very much like a kitten - running around, playing with toys, wrestling with Ashleigh....

But, she's still cute.... Which totally saves her life most days. She's more than just a curious kitten - she *THINKS* while she watches you do things.... And wants to help..... I get far less done around the house, thanks to Mica's help. And of course, Ashleigh is learning everything from Mica... EVERYTHING.... I thought sweet little Lady Ashleigh was going to be a calming effect on Mis Mica (Mis being short for Mischief, not mistress.... ) Instead, Mica is showing Ash all the little tricks ...

One of these days, I'll grab the camera when Mica is up on the kitchen cupboards.

Well, off to try to accomplish something useful today. I am beginning to believe that the only way I'm going to get this house clean is to shame myself into it. Take "before" and "after" pictures, and put them into my photo album where ANYONE can see them.... *sigh*

Ok, this is someone else's sig line, (and I just saw it in an email again) but I can't help but share it, 'cause it is so often true....

"My cookbook says if I don't have two egg yolks I can use three egg whites. I don't think they understand my problem."

I really do hate those substitution lists in most cookbooks.


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