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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FO - Wuhoo!!

Ok, so I finished something last night :) A contest entry :) I haven't taken pictures yet, but I finished an item. From the EZasPi list, where we are finishing up a Shetland Lace Workshop. We get to enter whatever we made in a contest.... Well, not *whatever* we made, but an item we made during/as a result of the workshop. I made two items, and wasn't going to enter the first, but I think I'll enter both. The deadline for entries is this coming weekend, and I only got the two things made. I would love to make another... Will be making a final item from the workshop, but won't have it done in time. Between other things going on, and trying to learn a new way to use the skills I have (lace knitting is just like any other knitting - combining knit and purl stitches in a particual way) I couldn't make these items fast. So....

But I still had fun, and I will still continue on with it :)

House... Well, DH and I moved some stuff from a particular closet, and I'm going to use that as supplementary kitchen storage. I have a small kitchen, with limited cupboard space, and I love kitchen gadgets and appliances.... And I *use* those appliances.... So, storage is an issue.

So, I made some declutter progress.

Today, I'm going to a pot luck supper. Made Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings.

How, you ask? Well....

I baked a whole package of wings (drummies and winglets, no tips) on a cookie sheet in the oven, about an hour at 350. Then, I mixed together: brown sugar (turns out I am low on this after all, there was about a third cup left) and about a half cup of vinegar. Added two generous spoonfulls of white sugar (not my regular choice, but with the lack of brown sugar). Also, about a table spoon of chicken broth powder, 3/4 small can of tomato paste, the juice from one can of manderin orange slices, the orange slices after processing them in a mini chopper (told ya I use my appliances), about 2 tsp of prepared mustardand half a tsp or so of paprika. Water to add volume.

I boiled all the sauce ingredients, then added some cornstarch dissolved in cold water to thicken. Put all the wings into the slow cooker, poured the thick sauce over top, stirred, and left it to keep hot and blend flavours. I did this at around 1 - will turn it off around 5, 'cause I gotta go to open the doors at 6. Don't want to burn myself during transport, lol. Then, I can plug in to rewarm when I get there, and we are going to eat around 7.

This is an annual potluck, and I love it :) Lots of great food....

So, more updates tomorrow.


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