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Monday, November 07, 2005

Off to a not so good start...

For the month of November and my goals...

Spent some time this weekend on "surface cleaning" and "weekly cleaning". No decluttering, which means my kitchen is still a disaster area.... I want to pack up some of the cupboards, in my too small kitchen, so I can clear off the one tiny counter... and organize it a little better.

Not happening anywhere near fast enough. I'm stalled - can't seem to get anything else cleaned, until I clean the kitchen, which is a bad way to think. So, I spend a lot of time kicking myself for what I don't do instead of giving it a "time out" and moving on to other things and coming back when I feel better.

So, that is what I have to do. I'm going to give up on the kitchen, and maybe tackle the next too-big job. The living room.... Ug.

And maybe I'll even have to do the drastic measure of posting before and after pictures here. Or in My photo album.

So, that is what I'll do. Tomorrow.... NO, not because I'm procrastinating.... Monday is errand day. I do the weekly grocery shopping on Mondays...Tuesday is housework, Wednesday is grouchy day or laundry day, and Thursday is housework day. Friday is supposed to be housework, now that we don't head out of town every weekend, but seems to have turned into a supplemental errand day....

*sigh* Two days a week, to do a major cleaning and decluttering job. If I do this, you can all call me "Superwoman". Don't worry, I won't get a swelled head - the odds that it will happen are slim to none!!

On the crafting front - did some knitting on the contest entry, the gift MS1 (I finished mine, of course, but DH requested a second shawl to give as a gift, so I'm making a second one in the same pattern as Mystery shawl 1), and looked at the MS2. I also have been sort of looking for my crochet hooks.... I don't know if I've put them *with* the projects, or in the tool basket... or the other tool basket....

I want to get some crocheting done, now that I'm out of my crochet slump.

Did a lot less crafting than a normal weekend, but did get the cleaning done :)

Now, off to do some dishes, and cook some supper, and hopefully, will do some knitting tonight!! Would be nice to finish off some things, or maybe get the Frost Flowers & Leaves restarted. Bought new dpns for it on Friday.

Oh, and I don't know if anyone noticed, but I figured out how to edit links, on the side bar, and I added a pet spider :)


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