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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Checking in

So I figured it was time that I did more than just pop in to add links, add pets, feed pets (lol) and not say anything....

Update: I'm getting some knitting done, and picked up the bear afghan again. I joined in the head last night - It was quite a chore, as I'd left it so long, I couldn't remember how I was doing the corners. I think I did some different on the head, but - OH WELL..... - I'm sure no one will notice, since it's for a 4 yr old....

I need to finish joining two more squares for the legs, then there are some filler triangles, then I have to attach the eyes and make the muzzle.

I also worked on a remake (yet again) of the gift shawl. Unfortunately, I managed to screw up my count somehow - lost track of which row I was on - I am pretty sure it had something to do with Mica and Ashleigh's attempts to assist me, as well as the slight distraction of watching "Lost" on TV.... So, I got ticked off, and was going to frog, but now I think I might just try to rip a couple rows back, and try again....I hadn't put in any lifelines yet....

I haven't lately worked on the second mystery shawl - but have made progress on the edging. It's knitting along rather quickly now.

I also got another sampler afghan square done. I'm now up to the section of the book (it's Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Sampler Afghan) that deals with mosaic knitting - two colour knitting. I would call it intarsia, except that she uses a different method involving slip stitches. I've never heard of that before I started looking at her books, and honestly, think I might never use the method again (I love to do intarsia) but will follow these directions for the experience....

I had considered myself an advanced knitter - having knitted for over 40 years - but am really humbled learning there is more to knitting than being able to follow patterns.... Like, I knew I could knit lace if I ever wanted to, but never wanted to - until recently, anyway.... And, once I figured out how to knit cables, and then socks, I thought there was nothing else to "learn" - Boy, was I wrong :) Like, I thought that if you wanted to decrease, you just knitted two together, and if you wanted to increasse, you just cast on what you needed....

So, now, I still consider myself an "advanced intermediate" knitter . I can do those things now, as well as pick up new knitting techniques quickly, and I can follow (most) patterns and directions

Anyway - I'm sure glad I finally found all these internet places, and people, so I could broaden my skills and interests :)

On the home front - yesterday, when the phone rang for about the fifth time, I realized that I wasn't likely to meet my goal of "spring cleaning" the house before Christmas. Last night, when DH wondered how many days till we leave on our holiday and we counted, I realized that there was no humanly possible way (even if I *did* stay off this 'puter) that I could meet my goal of spring cleaning before we leave in 45 days. So, I've re-alined my priorities. I *will* do things like wiping off the shelves in the closet before moving kitchen excess onto them, but I won't be taking them apart and washing the walls etc. And the same with the soon-to-be-empty cupboards - as I rearrange them, I'll wipe them out, but I won't be washing them thoroughly.

And this morning, I mentioned to DH that while I know he's anxious for me to get on with cleaning the living room carpet, and even offered to do it himself, that it would be better to do it last, closest to Christmas, then it would be nice and "fresh". He agreed.....

Last time that we went away on a trip, when we came home was the time that I decided to do the first thorough spring clean that made my house so tidy and nice that I kept it that way for a year - so that is what I plan to do this time. When we get back, I *will* strip out each room and clean them.

So - "trip?" you ask? Yes, we are going to be leaving this snow bound (oh, right - don't think I mentioned that in less than 24 hours, starting Monday suppertime, we got about 2 feet of snow - the first of the season) frozen country for Mexico!!! We leave December 31st, for two warm weeks in Puerto Vallarta!!!!! And I wanted to make sure I had the house clean for our house-and-pet sitter - my very own dear lovable sister :)

Well, now to get off the 'puter, and get on with the tidying :)

Oh, and speaking of pets - I have a new one on the side there ----> it's a tiger, and it is so cute... I liked the way it purred when you put your cursor on it, and hold the mouse button down... But beware..... you don't want to leave your cursor hanging around too long


  • At 1:30 p.m., Blogger Christine said…

    I'm curious about your comment on Traditional Knitting about some blogs being "self important". Such a subjective term, esp. in a medium defined by self-expression. :P What is your definition?

  • At 2:08 p.m., Blogger Christine said…

    BTW, I wasn't offended, just a curious, semantic knit-picker. Also, I read your blog from time to time. (Admittedly, mainly when there are photos!)

  • At 4:16 p.m., Blogger Sandi said…

    Anne, we have more in common. I am also Hufflepuff and have the mini hap OTN (probably for a long time the way things are going) I found out about the contest way too late to do anyhting. The pressure cooker gasket is on the stove & working right now. Am thinking about starting my own blog, but not sure yet. Sandi


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