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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is November 11th. Here in Canada, we call it Remembrance Day. We wear poppies.

I don't go to services anymore. I used to. I don't object to them. I just prefer, now, to take a quiet moment at 11 am on November 11th's to reflect - to remember my father, who fought in World War II. Who passed away in 1968 due to cancer. I also take some time to remember my Father-in-law - also a World War II vet, and passed away in 2000.

Both of these men fought a war, for their country, for freedom. I agree with what is said at the top of this page: - That "FREEDOM" is not free.
Which is why, in large part, that I do not participate in services anymore. Something has been lost, over the years, which surprises me. Recent world events should remind people of the horrors of war. The sad need for war (freedom isn't free). But, instead, I've seen too many people who go to services at local branches of the Royal Canadian Legion, just for the booze. Yup - they will stand outside for wreath laying ceremonies for five or ten minutes, just because if you do that, you get to go inside for a free drink, and then stay around and buy more drinks, when most bars are closed for the day.

Not only that, but there are many people who don't attend services, but they are lobbying for our government to declare the day a "holiday" of the calibre that if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, that they should be given a Monday or Friday paid day off, because they've been "cheated" out of a holiday. Of course, these same people who don't want to work, also want the stores and services to still be open/available, so they can shop or drink or eat out on their day off. (anyone besides me question this line of thinking? "I don't want to work, but you should so I can enjoy myself")

So, my father and father-in-law fought so that these people have the freedom to do that.

I won't go to any services tomorrow. But I will wear a poppy. And I will quietly reflect on my gratitude for these two men, and the many others - some who came home, some who didn't. From WWI, WWII, and the many other conflicts both large and small, where men and women fought for freedoms.

Another link I'd like to share, with a little bit of historiacal stuff:


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