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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time frame Ok... I've given this link for an idea of knitting time on the cat afghan.

I knit faster than I crochet. I've been knitting for over forty years. I've only been crocheting for about 15 years.

I made a baby afghan. Well, ok, I've made several, but one in particular. I crocheted an afghan for a friend and she paid me to do it for her. We had agreed on a price, and I decided to keep track of my time - turned out that I spend forty hours (forty five if you count the part that I read the pattern wrong, and had to frog) on the afghan. I ended up liking the pattern, and have made the same afghan a few times - it still takes me about forty hours to make that particular pattern. It works up about forty inches square...

I knitted a feather and fan afghan for a gift... It worked up to about forty inches square, and used some eyelash yarn as well as regular yarn. It took me less than thirty hours to knit.

I knit an afghan for another person, adult, over six feet tall, so I had to make it seven feet long. I only knit or crochet in the evening, and sporadically on the weekend. I do other things on weekends, but sometimes I'll knit or... while I have my morning coffee, or during the afternoon while DH has a nap, or whenever.... My point being that I knit the adult sized afghan, simple enough pattern - the mistake rib - in about three weeks. Or was it two? - No, I think it was three...

Anyway, to get an idea of my speed of knitting - that pattern that I linked to at the top - I can knit that in under an hour.

Now, this cat afghan is going to be design as I go sort of thing...So there will be frogging. That will add to the time factor. There will be days that I get frustrated, and will have to put it on "time out". :) There will be days when I just don't feel like knitting, and I will crochet or quilt or cross stitch instead. There will be days my hands get a bit sore, and I will change projects for variety. There is one other project that has a deadline, so I need to spend some time with that. There are other factors - I don't have as much time on Tuesday evenings, I do have a life outside of knitting- family, etc.

I do however, want to try to keep some continuity to this project - I don't want it to take as long as the bear did!!! That one - I started back in June, but I didn't do a thing towards getting it finished in late August, right through until I picked it up again in the last week or so. It was "annoying" to me because one of my least favourite things about knit or crochet is weaving in ends, lol. Since there were so many on the bear with all those colour changes....

Once I get casting on for the center square, and get it knit (I'm going with the fifteen inch square) I'll have a better idea of a time estimate. I hope..... :)

I guess the best way to describe it: I must finish the shawl I'm knitting by the tenth of December. I hope to have the cat afghan done before I leave for a trip on the 31st of December.


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