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Friday, December 02, 2005

Urban wildlife solves a mystery!!

Ok, so the mystery part wasn't that big of a deal... When cleaning up the yard, I don't really INSPECT the dog stuff, but I do try to notice if there is anything wrong... first signs of trouble kind of thing. And my dogs do have a habit of going in the same general corners of the yard.... So, I have a pretty good idea of how the stuff that comes out of my dogs looks....

Occasionally, though, there are piles of smaller stuff, and not in the usual places. Much easier to spot now that it is winter, too... ;}

I wondered how some other dog could possibly be getting into our yard- the fence is reasonably high, and these were smaller piles, but still too big for a little tiny dog.... We do have a few small spaces that might be squeezed through, and that is how the wild rabbits get into the yard. Dumb bunnies.... We *do* have two dogs....

Well, yesterday morning, while driving DH to work, I saw an animal run across the road in front of us... Very early, not much traffic, still quite dark.... We weren't too far from home, either.... At first, I thought, 'cat', then 'dog', then realized - "IT's a FOX!!!!"

Well, now I know who's been leaving those extra deposits in our yard!! Probably after the dumb bunnies....

I've seen deer in the city, and have heard there are racoons about, but this is the first city fox I've ever seen. :)

So, that's about all the cleaning I've been able to accomplish lately. Having my friend come from Kansas to visit kind of put the house on hold for a couple days, then the regular day to day stuff, then a few other extra errands and "life" and such.... So, I'm still behind. But, I've decluttered and tidied and rearranged the kitchen and most of the rest of the house. Now I'm going to focus on really getting cleaning on the living room, so I can have the carpet all nice and clean before Christmas.

In the meantime.... I'll still be knitting on a few shawls and the cat afghan in the evenings :)


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