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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chatty post :) with a picture!

Ok, so .... I've been busy....

Last week, on Friday, had a funeral to go to. Not a good one.... Not that *any* funeral or death is good, well, maybe if the person had a nasty disease and death was a relief, but this one... My DH's cousin's wife had an anuerism. Very sudden, very unexpected, very young... Still have one of two children in high-school. Not at all pleasant. And it makes one re-evaluate their life. She was younger than me.

On a more cheerful note, though - a very dear friend of mine came up from Kansas to visit. She's here for a few days. We got together for a visit on Sunday, and she wants to do some shopping together while she's here... Will be doing that shortly :)

I also wanted to post a picture - remember a few posts back, I shared pictures of the Shetland Lace Workshop projects I did? (if not, you could scroll down the page, lol) Well, here's the owner of the "Mini Hap Shawl" enjoying it :)

Ok, I don't quite know why the colour doesn't show right... It's blue, after all. Though Lady Ashleigh does look rather nice on pink :) I know that because she sometimes sits on or near my stole, too.... :)

Speaking of other projects, besides working on the cat design, I have mostly just been plugging away at the second mystery shawl one I'm doing, and the mystery shawl two. Keep looking at the crochet hooks, and the thread, and looking at the many socks I've got going, and the other stuff, but I really need to finish the gift shawl, and I want to finish the second mystery shawl, too.... So, I'm trying not to let myself get too distracted. But, I should get back to the Frost Flower shawl, and I should get some of the other projects knocked off, too. Which I will, for sure, once I get the gift done :)

So, that's been my life lately, briefly :)


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