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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fo's to report :)

Finished the motif doily - will be blocking and picture taking later today - hope the sun comes out soon!!! Been days now of cloudy overcast snowy weather. Warm, but still not pleasant. I have problems with Seasonal Affective Disorder- too much cloud and I get depressed.... This winter shouldn't be too bad, what with the trip and all...

Also finished untangling that nasty knot :) Wuhoo!!! NOw to figure out what to do with the yarn! I forget the name of it, sadly... it was a fancy yarn, and I know I kept the label/tag thing, but dont' recall where I put it. On the website, though, they showed a wrap/stole knitted with what seemed to be one ball of this yarn.... Must have been on big needles. But, didn't tell how to make it. So.... I guess I might try something like the simple triangle. You know, cast on a few stitches, (three or four) and increase one stitch each row. Best one in my opinion if you don't know how much yarn you have....

Square or rectangle might be better, since there are two of every type of yarn tied together in this ball... meaning, by the time I get to the wide edge of the triangle, I might only get one or two rows of each style of yarn, maybe even less than a row, so it won't show off much....

We'll see. That's a future project anyway.

Well, I promised I'd tell about my weekend. Saturday night was the company Christmas party where DH works. We had a blast!!! Most of the time, we do the "old folks thing" and leave anytime between 10 and 11 pm. This year, we were having so much fun, that we were almost the last to leave!!!

The meal was so - so. Edible, but not by much.... I have a weird allergy. I'm allergic to Parmesan cheese, but not others. If I eat it, I get anything from mild nausea to outright puking.... So, I like to avoid it. Well, of course, what are the first two courses? French onion soup (which some cooks like to put parmesan on top of) and Ceasar Salad. So.... I got a plain onion soup, while everyone else got with the bread and cheese (at my request, of course) and a garden salad. Unfortunately, though, the servers brought around the regular stuff first, and the "supervisor" replaced mine. Why unfortunately? Well, as soon as they put the Ceasar salad in front of me, it almost knocked me off my chair. Yes, that is how strong of a reaction I have. I had to grab the plate and put it in front of DH's chair... (he was out for a "smoke break" when they brought the salads around)

The main course left something to be desired, too.... we did have a choice, between steak (restaurants often serve this in what I would call "overcooked" state - and these days, with scares of all the things you can get eating some meats, I doubt they'd be allowed to serve it the only way I can eat beef - to quote a friend, "why don't you just go out in the field on a sunny day and gnaw on a cow?") fish (which I didn't know was going to be breaded with panko style crumbs until too late) or chicken cordon blue. Well, I went with the chicken, as did DH this year. He's not a fan of chicken, especially restaurant chicken, and I honestly don't know why he said he would try it.... But I had reassured him that it would be difficult to undercook the chicken, because it was breast meat rolled around a ham and cheese stuffing.... Well...... I've been known to be wrong before. It was pink breast meat (I'm hoping that was because of the ham, colour transfer) wrapped around a slice of ham (thin, and looked suspiciously like the kind that comes in packages for making sandwiches) and I'm still trying to figure out what sort of white sauce qualifies as "cheese". Flavour? There wasn't one. Except for the taste of the chicken. But if I didn't know it was ham inside, I sure couldn't have tasted that it was ham inside.

The "go withs".... well, now.... I know that the popular thing is to steam veggies. And that is great - as long as one knows how to. You are supposed to cook them long enough to be softened, but not soggy. And short enough time to keep the colour. A little crispness is acceptable.... But cold and near raw? I ate a couple, but the broccolli stems were hard, and the carrots might as well have been raw.... I think I ate two slices of carrot, and one cauliflower.

Tomato, stuffed with broccoli in a cream sauce, with cheese melted on top. Ok, here the broc was cooked, and the sauce was nice. The tomato was barely steamed - just enough to make the skin want to try to slide off.... Ever get *that* stuck between your teeth? I personally don't like raw tomatoes. I like canned/cooked tomatoes. But I ate the stuffing. Potato croquettes rounded out the plate. Well, can you say, "deep fried mashed potato balls"? Again, it's a personal thing. I like deep fried potatoes/french fries/chips. I like scalloped potatoes. I like hash brown potatoes. I like roasted potatoes. I like potato chips. I don't like boiled or mashed plain potatoes. Bland. Flavourless. bleah. I've had croquettes before that have been seasoned. These weren't.

They redeemed themselves at dessert, though. Forget what they said it was called.... but it was chocolate. with whipped cream. and fruit. (ok, chintzy on the fruit - two segments of manderine orange, and half a strawberry) But the chocolate... Melt in the mouth. DEEE- licious. Not a pudding - it was solid on the plate - there was a piped out serving of whipped cream, and a piped out serving of chocolate. It held its shape... But as soon as you put it in your mouth, it melted..... MMmmmmm goood.

Wish I knew how to make it....

We didn't go hungry- and surprisingly, DH agreed with almost everything I felt about the dinner.... Normally, he likes the stuff I don't - the potatoes and veggies and stuff. This time, though...

They did have cheese and crackers out. And they did come around with finger food appetizers. Vegetarian Quesidillas, breaded shrimp, sausage rolls, and wings. They had regular wings, and hot wings. Either they kept giving me the wrong wings, or they don't comprehend the word "hot". I told DH to remind me to bring my own hot sauce next year. And my favourite hot wings in the world remain undefeated.....I dont' want to name names, here, 'cause there is no website, and stuff like that, but there is a small town bar, that has a "wing night" and serves the best hot wings I've ever tasted.

But... the rest of the party was great. They did a "Jeopardy for Dummies" entertainment thing, that was very audience participation centered, and I've never seen this particular crowd participate that much ever before!!! There was also a cute and hilarious video that one of the managers makes every year - different every year, but eagerly anticipated every year :)

And there were presentations. The owner likes to mark milestones for the employees... One year service, five yr, ten year, etc. WEll, DH is at 30 years..... And was noted. Even though he was also honoured in the spring, and it was announced that we could go on a trip for two weeks.... STill, though, the owner presented DH with a letter of gratitude, and gift certificates for a choice of a few restaurants.... And DH got a standing ovation from the crowd.

So, that was why I didn't get a lot done this weekend.... Daytime Saturday was spent in shopping for clothes for DH, then organizing and weeding my WIP pile, and Sunday was kind of lazy - we old folks aren't used to staying up half the night


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