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Thursday, December 08, 2005

One of those mixed blessing things....

Went out to the knitting meet up last night - laughed a lot again :) - and when I came home, it was to find DS and DIL hanging out "harrassing" DH and wrapping presents for the kids.

During the course of the "visit", something came up about sewing machines... DS wants want, and was trying to get away with snitching one of mine. I told him there was no way....

Something along the lines of "Mom, why don't you give me one of your sewing machines. I need one. I need to learn how to sew. Dad said I could take one, he would have given it to me if he knew where it was. He said you never use it."

Now, all those sentences were not necessarily spoken at once - there were a few words in between that came out of my mouth, that are not necessarily things I can print here. I think what brought up the subject was when he was tidying up, the sewing machines were right there beside him, on the floor, under the wrapping paper and toys and bags he brought.....

Neither of them (DS or DH) could understand why I needed two. Simple - depends on what I'm sewing. Explained how they each had different features, that it depended on what I needed at any given moment, etc. I left out the "I wouldn't have bought the second one if I didn't want or need it". Told him stuff like how he should use his employee discount to buy a machine (He works at WalMart) but he said it wasn't that big a discount and wouldn't save him much on a big ticket item.... Told him to shop at the thrift store for one..... He came up with the idea that they should have told DIL's mother to get them a sewing machine for their "combined" Christmas gift....

Anyway, the part that is the good part of the mixed blessing (the bad part - the mess at 9:30 at night and him staying around until 11:00 pm - we're old folks, go to bed early on weeknights! and the attempt to lift one of my sewing machines) came when we were talking about his sewing ability....

I reminded him that he learned sewing in school.... He insisted he didn't know how.... I reminded him that prior to moving out, he was doing laundry one day, discovered a hole in some pants, so he just went and sewed them on my machine.... He said, "Yeah, but that's because yours is a Singer, not some crap". :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thinking back, I seem to remember something about how he had to do his sewing at home when he was in school, because "there wasn't enough time/machines at school".... At least, that was the story......

:) :) :)

My son has taste.....

Uh, what else.... OH, since they were here doing wrapping, I wrapped up the bear ghan, got them to take it home for the GS birthday on the 16th.... And, since there was Christmas paper everywhere, I finally remembered to go get the Christmas tree. Put that up. No, I didn't decorate it.... two words - Mica, Ashleigh. Last year, when I put up our tree, Mica decided that she should be the tree topper, and she snaked right up the center of the tree. When she discovered that being at the top often resulted in the whole thing crashing down, she stopped trying to get to the top. But, she was still convinced that we had put this thing up for her amusement. It was an old tree anyway, and really should have been retired the year before.... Well, I saw an ad for table top tinsel trees. I grew up with a tinsel tree.... I think that blue and silver are the best Christmas colours. So, I bought the tinsel tree. Mica was not happy that it could not even support her weight even the tiniest bit. But, at least she stopped trying to climb it. We put on some lights, and some blue mini "disco" balls -you know those mirrored tile balls -

Well, there is something very disturbing about cleaning the litterbox, and picking out solids that glitter blue at you.....

Mica tried eating the balls.

We did keep the lights, though.

This year - we aren't going to even think about anything besides lights. Ashleigh is quite happy with this new toy just the way it is......


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