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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Today, I joined a webring. Knitting Kitty. I think I qualify :) I may need to post more pictures of the brats - I mean, the kitties. :)

They do so love helping me with housework. I've discovered that Ashleigh is not bothered by water. She loves to inspect the clothes that I've loaded into the washing machine, to make sure I've put them in right. Washing dishes is a fascinating chore - as is cooking. She makes sure that I vaccuum the living room regularly, too. How, you might ask? Well, she loves to bite cardboard, tearing off small pieces, and scattering them about the room. Too small to pick up, not to mention, too many to pick up.

Mica tries to be helpful, too.... She watches everything I do intently. Always has. Just that she usually needs to get the closest look possible - perched on my shoulder, or right in my face or on my hands, or right in the middle of whatever I'm trying to do. Did I mention the time she poked her head in the middle of my circular needles while I was knitting some lace project? Wouldn't have been so bad, but when she decided that curling up for a nap was in order, she of course put her weight so that it pulled the needle right out of the shawl!!!

Here's a picture of when she was helping me to take a picture of one of the shawls I had been making.... It's finished, now, and more pictures are in my photo album (link on the left).

I have some more pictures, that I can share another time, of Mica "helping" me to make pasta. Actually, to be fair, she has no interest in helping with that.... She just plain likes to eat it. She even knows when I take a particular bowl out of the cupboard that I'm going to be making pasta....

About the cat afghan - won't be an update for a day or two.... I did knit a bunch on it the other day, and I needed to finish off some other stuff last night (and I normally go out Tuesdays, so I don't have a lot of crafting time) but I did sit down with pencil and paper and ruler, and made some calculations, and I did sit down with some graph paper, and made some tabby stripes, but I need to knit them up and write up how I'm doing it. And tonight, being the first Wednesday of the month, is the night I get to knit with others at Chapters, so I'm not taking along something that needs such concentration.... Instead, I'm taking along a scarf that I'm knitting for DH out of alpaca.... DROOOOLLLLLL...... yarn. Sorry, the word "alpaca" DROOOOLLLLL does that to me. :)

So, that's my post for today. I now have to do a quick edit to yesterday's post, and then take off to get my hair cut.


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