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Friday, January 20, 2006

Let's see if I can find....

A suitable picture to share :)

Ok, so this is the Pacific Ocean, as it looks from the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Sadly, there is not much to show the scale - just how BIG those waves were.... And powerful.

I swam in that ocean.... In my life, I've swum in the Atlantic, and now I've swum in the Pacific :)

(Also in the Carribbean, but that's another story, lol)

Back to the waves. Many people question my sanity. Especially me. I do strange things all the time. I do crazy things, too.... Such as, I can't swim. I took lessons, but I never did get past the "beginner" level. I took lessons for six years. I never did get out of the "beginner" level. Why? Because I'm allergic to chlorine, which is used in public swimming pools. So, I refused to put my face in the water. Now, when you are a kid, and you won't do something, adults don't listen to why.... So, I was labeled "unco-operative" and "misbehaving" when really, I was trying to say "I CAN'T", not "I won't". But, I digress.... Point is, I have spent enough time playing around in a lake to know that I can swim to save my life, even if my technique isn't "Proper". So. I went into the ocean..... (Can't come home and say I spent two weeks at the beach and didn't even get wet!!)

Now, I saw other people in the ocean. And they were body surfing. That is fun to do - I've done it somewhat in a lake before. So, I knew the waves were big. I knew, too, from standing at the edge of the water that these waves were strong. I knew that I'd need to keep my wits about me, be carefull, all that. No problem. I started walking into the water, getting wetter and wetter, used to the coolness - and felt the waves sucking at the rings on my finger.... So, I went back and put the rings and my earrings into the beach bag with DH, and went back into the water to swim.

Catch the insanity part yet? :) The waves are strong enough to suck rings of a person's finger, and that person who can't swim (isn't a strong swimmer, no practice, etc.) is going to go play in those waves.

Well, I did get wet all over.... Had sand pounded into my hair by the waves. Had sand pounded into my body by the waves. And, every time I tried to get out far enough to try body surfing, had the waves throw me back onto the beach. I'm not exaggerating that one - the ocean kept throwing me out!!!! >:(

Finally, exhausted, I gave up.... Started walking out.... saw a big wave coming - walked back intot the water just in time to brace myself - if I'd caught that wave lower, it probably would have broken my shins!!! As it was, it nearly knocked me over hitting me around hip-height!!

But, at least I can say I've swum in the Pacific!!!!

And, the next time I got the urge to swim, I used the hotel pool :)


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