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Friday, January 20, 2006

Progress report....

Ok, so I forgot that I did some crafting last night. *sigh* Ok, I have only one more round to go on the doily, Fans and Fantasy. I did some more leg on the shadow socks for the 6 sock knitalong group. Of course, that group is starting a new pair of socks in February, but I'm still working on the first sock of this pair.... And, I started the January crochet along project. It's a tote bag, worsted weight cotton, largish hook, so it shouldn't take long. I hope....

I'm trying desparately to a) get projects finished instead of taking off on new ones (except crochet or knit alongs) b) keep the pile in the living room under control and c) not let the WIP's I moved upstairs before Christmas turn into total UFO's.... I plan to finish the doily, then replace it with one of the projects I took upstairs. When I finish the tote bag, I'll bring something else back down... And, hopefully, won't be starting too many KAL's or CAL's.... I *am* going to probaby do the Feb. 6-socks, and there will be a Feb. doily, and crochet along (CAL), then there is the double knit socks that is going to start shortly, the mystery shawl 3, (button on side for mystery shawl 2 will work a little longer, and info about three is on there right now, but the group will close to new members the end of Jan.), the EzasPi anniversary Pi shawl knit along (KAL), and - oh, guess that is all the new projects that I'm committed to. Hm. Doesn't look so bad after all.

Got a phone call yesterday from DIL, who was telling me the GS LOVES his bear blankie. His Bear Buddy. Sleeps with it every night. Carries it around....

I've also got to get back to the knitted cat adaptation of that one....

OK, so.... Maybe today, while I take a break from life committments, I'll get the mini-digital going and take some pictures. If the sun comes out..... DH is very happy - says he's seen enough sunshine to last him a lifetime, but me - I got problems with S.A.D. so even though two weeks of intense sun therapy is making this winter more bearable, I'm hoping the sun can break through the clouds that have been hanging around for weeks.... so I'm told. I know, in winter, sunny days means very cold temperatures. But, a little of that in between the clouds wouldn't hurt too much.....


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