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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some finished some started some pictures :)

Ok on the finished front: I finished a tote bag in crochet for the crochet along group, a doily that was done last year by the doily group but I just did it now, and some pictures of the alpaca (drool) scarf that I made for DH and pictures of my Socks That Rock yarn socks in Rhodonite colourway ( look under Blue Moon Fibre Arts yarn....). Intersting thing about those socks. They are not matched socks. They are what some call "fraternal twins". They are obviously the same colour way, but knit up totally differently.

And I'm not totally sure that I'm happy with the short row heel pattern. Was a free pattern from the now no longer existant Oz Yarn site. Need web archive to find it.... it was a pdf, so I don't even have a URL to help.... but, if you go to google, look for wayback machine, and then use the in the wayback machine, it should get you close...

OK, now for the some started: I dyed yarn with drink powder - aka "Kool Aid dyeing" to get what I had hoped was a nice pink. In the past, I used strawberry, cherry, and orange on some sock yarn, and part of that was a light pink. I guess, between the fact that sock yarn is part nylon, (25%, 75% wool) and the yarn I did now is 100% wool, and worsted weight; and the part where the sock yarn I did with sprinkling, but the ww yarn now I mixed the colour into the water first, I ended up with a darker pink than I expected. But, once it dryed, it lightened up some. It is still darker than I planned... But I'm knitting a Pi shawl from it anyway. What is a Pi shawl, you ask? Well, it's a round shawl that has a specific formula (which I'm still learning) involving increasing stitches based on how many rounds have been knit.... Originally created by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Variations in pattern may be added, so you can do almost anything with a Pi. I'm going to do one from EZ's book, Knitter's Almanac. In that one, there is a basic plain unpatterned Pi shawl, as well as a nice lace one. I'm doing the lace one. There is a Yahoo group for this - :) OF course :) and you can find the button (actually, two buttons) on the right. The group is the EzasPi group - smaller button a little farther down. They formed a year ago, and have decided to do an "Anniversary Pi KAL". There is a separate button for that - near the top of my buttons. Both will take you to the same group.

The KAL just started - and because of my trip, I didn't get my yarn dyed ahead of time, so I'm just a little behind the cast on date, which was Sunday. But, my yarn will be wound today, and I should be able to cast on tonight!!! Wuhooo!!!!

So, now to the pictures :)
Here is the crocheted tote bag, after I came home from shopping with it :)

Here is the contents of the bag....

Next is a group shot of two unblocked doily things - a "coaster" that was the crochet group project for December - Pointsettia coaster (aside - I am an idiot, because I never did get around to taking pictures of all the gorgeous flowering plants in Mexico... The hotel we were at had all the walkways lined with different plants. One walkway had lots of Pointsettias, and around the buffet restaurant too. In the morning sun, they almost glowed!!) and the Fans and Fantasies doily. Surrounding them, is the alpaca (drool) scarf I made for DH.

Ok, for some reason, this picture won't upload. I've tried three times. Let's see what happens if I try to upload the socks picture....

Hm. Nope....

Waht the heck is going on?????

OK, so I guess I'm going to have to try again later..... Sorry....


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