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Thursday, January 26, 2006

this is a test... :)

To see if I can post pictures today. If so, then I'll take one of my progress on the Pi shawl. I got a lot done last night. The Emily Oecker (sp?) circular cast on is super easy - and leaves a nice center. And it is easy to join, too.... I might just redo my Frost Flowers yet again.... lol....

OK, if possible, I'm going to post the picture of the scarf, coaster, and doily - unblocked, but you can see them, at least:

ALLL RIGHT!!!!! Ok, so now here are the socks, that don't match:

And the other picture I wanted to share yesterday: This is the mystery shawl number two, that I've woven in all the ends, but still need to block it. Looks pretty neat anyway, though.

Ok, so I'll be posting again later today :)


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