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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am going to kill my kitty....

Yesterday afternoon, I was planning to come in and add some photos, as promised, and my *darling* Roxy stomped across my keyboard. My desktop is now locked off. That is, I can get to it, I can look at it, I can try to open my email (outlook express) and I get error messages that OUtlook can't open, because it is open already. This makes absolutely no sense to me.... especially the part where it tells me to fix it by logging off, and restarting the computer. Which I've done numerous times.

I can access some files from DH's desktop - but not my email or my explorer.... GRRRR....

So, I'm trying to think of ways to deal with it..... Not being at all computer literate, not having a clue what the Rock did, not wanting to spend money (like we have any to spare!) to have a "professional" fix it....

So, I'm thinking I might try something different. In the meantime, I can access my "new" email on the web.... But I've lost (probably) everything else. All my saved messages, hints, jokes, pictures, vids, tips, techniques..... WAHHHHH

Some of the pics are only on the puter, not hard copy anywhere....

Still think I might be able to rescue some stuff....

But my address book is gone gone gone... my


Will keep everyone posted on whether I can rescue/fix anything.....

Obviously not a virus.... DH's side of the puter works..... and it isn't the first time, though it seems to be the worst time, that Roxy has changed settings by managing to step all over the keyboard and hit commands on it....



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