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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Plans or....

Why I likely won't be on much for the next several days....

I've mentioned a dinner party.... but not much detail. So, here's the details :)

Most years, DH asks me what I want for my birthday. I always answer the same thing - to make my birthday dinner. Well, now, that may sound simple by itself, but the conotations to that are: The ingredients are somewhat specialized not-everyday-stuff, I spend two days cooking/preparing it, and I get to invite people over to help eat it. What is it? Chinese Food. Like, what you'd find on a take-out menu. And I make it all from scratch. From the eggroll wrappers right down to the fortune cookies.

Some of the recipes I got online, some from my cookbooks, some from friend's or library cookbooks, and some I created by adding a little of this and a little of that until I got it right. So, I really can't share all the recipes with everyone. (google for copyright, I'm not going into it here).

So, here's the menu: Egg Rolls, Plum Sauce, Steamed Rice, Hot and Sour Soup, Lion Head Meatballs, Wonton Soup, Sweet and Sour Ribs, Red Sweet and Sour Sauce, Stir Fry Beef and Veggies, Curry Sauce, Deep Fried Chicken Balls, Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce, Calimari Stir Fry, Lemon Sauce, Fried Rice, Orange Sweet and Sour Sauce, Deep Fried Breaded Shrimp, Coctail sauce (ok, maybe not specific to Chinese food, but DH loves it with the shrimp), Fortune Cookies, and new this year: Tea Flavoured Eggs. That is 20 different items. Hmmm... Could have sworn I had lemon chicken in there somewhere.... I may be doing 21..... I'll see what happens....

So, you can see why I'll be too busy to post for a while :) Oh, and this is going to be the first time I've tried this with my two little helpers - Last year, when we only had Mica, I didn't do the supper. We got invited out to a friend's house to celebrate my birthday, and she did the cooking :) So, this year, I've got to figure out how to prepare all those cat-tempting dishes without tempting the cats, lol....

Oh, and no, the birthday isn't Saturday, that's just the day I picked to celebrate. The actual "event" occurs tomorrow.....

I'm getting older, if not wiser.


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