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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finished object

Hey, I'm posting on a Saturday!!! Amazing!!! But, I wanted to share a picture of a dishcloth I made the other day. It's crocheted, and I did it because I had joined a dishcloth knitting and crocheting group - they do one of each (according to ability, anyway) each month, with the idea that so many of us get into exchanges and never make for ourselves, so the group makes a cloth for "ourself". Not for exchange or anything. Anyway, I only joined in February, and made the cloths for Feb, but I went through the archives and past polls and photo albums and links pages, and I plan to "catch up" and make all the cloths that they made. Plus, I'm knitting my way through a Leisure Arts leaflet of 15 heart dishcloth patterns. I was going to take pics of them all when I finish... I've done 5 now. One third of the way through that book!!! Anyway, here's the picture of the angel dishcloth I crocheted the other day:

Also finished, was a baby sweater for the crochet along group. :)

So, that's my weekend post :) Oh, and I've had a few people who have an idea on how to try to find and salvage my lost pictures!! So, Roxy might be forgiven one day ;)


  • At 10:15 a.m., Blogger elaine.triquetra said…

    Saw what you said at the CP board of your love of cats and had to pop in. Come see and click on link: Cats in Sinks-all your bathroom needs in my links on the right in my blog! So cute. You might want to grab it like I did to keep updated and add your kitty in sink picture there? tee-hee, elaine in n nv


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