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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

popping in to say hello...

I haven't got any pictures to share. So I haven't updated.... I don't even know how to reply when someone posts a comment, lol....

The comments are automatically emailed to me, where I tend to read them before coming back here, but I can't reply via email. It's an auto generated response thing. So, I tried by adding my comment after another one.... Don't know if it's been seen yet, I'll ask tonight :)

I did appreciate being sent the sink cat link - I've popped in there before, checking it out after dragging myself away from the kitten war site!!! Hey, anyone know what happened to the "stuff on my cat" site? I went to check out new pictures, and it's gone. Probably some misguided animal saviour complained.....

Now, don't get me wrong - I am totally against any form of cruelty to animals. But I happen to have a sense of humour, and none of the pictures in stuff on my cat was in any way harmful to the kitties - humiliating at times, maybe, but not physically harmful. And any of us cat people have laughed at some embarrassing moment by our kitties- I mean, one day, Ashleigh the Klutz was walking on top of our six foot high bookshelf - just like Mica always does, and she walked right off the edge. A quick check to see she hadn't injured herself, and then some chuckling....

Roxy, the old girl, at 18 yrs... recently fell off our TV box - Ok, the TV and the Digital box are on a desk - height of 3 ft maybe? She had taken to sleeping on the box, as it is a warm place.... She rolled over, and right off the desk. Also, only hurt was her pride - and boy, did I ROTFL at her!!!

Ok, so... Updates: I have two blog buttons the same right now....I tried to add a new one, and the way I do it is, I do a "copy paste" of one I already have (and had help adding) and just change the address for the group, and the code for the picture, over at a flickr account... Well, for some reason, it wasn't pasting the picture properly - well, the pic pasted, but kept saying "unavailable" for some reason, and it totally messed up my page (I still don't know why the top headers are screwy - that happened when I added something or other to the side bar... the counter, I think it was....) Anyway, I figured I'd just leave in the "placeholder" of the copypasted already there link. I'll try to change it later.

I didn't take any new pictures, 'cause really about the only thing I did on the weekend was work on projects in progress, and housework stuff. Sunday was our anniversary (29 yrs!!!) and I thought we'd be going out for supper, but we didn't.

I did finish last night a crochet along project - hm, I wonder if there is a blog button for that group? (I'm in 64 yahoo groups right now, being a multicrafter, though some of those are update announcements, like for for when they put out a new issue. Active groups - I guess 60) Anyway, the crochet along project was an afghan stitch dishcloth. I would never have thought of using the afghan stitch for a dishcloth - I would have expected it to end up too thick to use. But, it seems to be all right, and I'll test it this week. Better make sure I take a picture first!!! Today is laundry day, so I will be rotating my dishcloth and towels and stuff today. Before anyone panics - yes, I use my dishcloths for a week at a time. We are talking about me here, I don't exactly do a lot of dishes.... I *should* do them at least once a day, but some days, I don't do them at all.... So.... The dishcloths in my kitchen get used at most for 7 loads of dishes. And, if they are particulary yucky, or if I grab a dishcloth to wipe up a spill, they *will* get changed more often. I'm not that bad - pack rat: yes, clutterbug: yes, untidy: yes, organized mess: yes, dirt - NO!!!! NO NO NO NO NO. It may be a mess, but it's a clean mess.

Anyway, I'll try to get a picture of the cloth before I use it.... And, like I said, today is laundry day, my most hated chore. Well, second most - I hate doing dishes the most. And, ( I think I've said it before) it isn't the washing or the drying or the folding etc. that bothers me, just the sorting of the clean clothes. I hate sorting clothes. Don't know why - I know why I hate dishes, but not why I hate laundry.

Oh, and today is the first Wednesday of the month, so I get to go to the knitting group tonight!!! Hope the weather allows it.... "they" are predicting a snow storm, 5 to 10 cms... 2.5 cms is 1 inch, so two to four inches of snow.... Snow doesn't scare me, but we do have one out of town member... Hope she can still make it.... I like her.....


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