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Thursday, March 09, 2006

More pictures, maybe some newsy stuff....

Like I was supposed to post the other day.... Oh, well. I think people like looking at pictures more than hearing about my natterings anyway.... lol.

Well, the dishcloth KAL - monthly dishcloth group - button on the right side there ----> somewhere. Finished the other day, but just got around to emptying the camera this morning..

part 5 and completion of cloth or part 6 pictures:

Ok, now for a cloth that I did that was a test pattern:

On the left is the "front" of the cloth, the right hand picture is the "back". I think they both look lovely!!!

Haven't taken progress pics, but my Pi has four rounds of plain knitting, then I start the knitted on edging. I'm not a math person, but there are 576 stitches in each round, and the edging is 12 rows, which take up 6 of the 576 stitches for each, let's see.... That's 96 repeats of the edging. I'm not fond of the look of the edging in the book, and someone on the EzasPi group led me to the edging she used, which I think might be more interesting to me.... So, I will probably do that one.... Will let you all know when I get that far :)

I'm also working on some doilies, and a pair of UFO socks. I had started them some time ago, last year, and thought I'd made an error, and frogged them right back, then found out that I didn't make an error - so, I finally got re-cast-on and knitted a bunch. These socks are my UFO goal for March. Hm... I'm not even done one sock, and it's nearly half way through the month.... I guess I better get cracking.....

The doilies - one is on a "time out" right now.... Something about it isn't exciting me the way it did when I started it.... It's for a doily of the month group. The second is one that grabbed me as soon as I saw it, and ended up being chosen for this month's doily of the month - it's a kitty doily, so of course it will be finished, lol....

I should get busy on the other crochet along project - another kitty one that I've been meaning to do for years....Kittens in a row Afghan.

And, finally, while the computer is still co-operating.... My spoiled brats....

We seem to have a very comfy couch....

(no, there is nothing wrong with Spud's eye - she just has a bit of discolouration on her fur)

Where is Bear, did you ask? Well, right here:

And the last of the furbabies, who refuses to get along with the others: Roxy, the old girl, who prefers to steal *MY* spot:

Nothing much to report newsworthy, anyway.... Last week, my dryer died, so I am using the laundromat for a while.... Good for adding to the crafting time....

One of these days, I should talk more about my trip, but really, aside from swimming in the ocean, playing with the dolphins, about all I did was veg on the beach and knit and a little crochet... some reading, had some sudoku puzzles I'd printed from the net.... Drank some Corona.... Which I found out I can buy here at home, too... imported stuff, I like it... :)

Ok, the daily virus scan is happening, and I got some more emails to read, so I'm signing off. :)


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