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Friday, March 31, 2006

Pictures :) :) We got Pictures!!!!

Ok, I joined another ring - the Mystery Shawl Ring!!! So, guess I better post about how I am finally up to round 45 of the MS3..... and here's a picture:

The pic ain't the greatest, it's still on one of my smaller circular needles, but you can really see the pattern shaping up!

Pi - Ok, the anniversary Pi is nearing completion. I remembered my count wrong when I posted the other day - it wasn't 40 times two repeats, it was 40 repeats to go. Now, I'm down to.... Uh, just a sec....I have 19 repeats to go on the edging!!!! Then, I have to figure out how to graft the edge together (why didn't I do a provisional cast on???? It occured to me about two rows into the start of the edging, I could have handled frogging that much - I mean, really, we're talking, what, twenty five, thirty stitches at that point???? ) Anway, here's the pic:
Ok, I edited the picture, and moved the ball of yarn, because the camera showed a rather nasty stain I hadn't noticed in the carpet before..... The joys of having an older cat with a delicate stomach.... Sorry, I know, too much information.... would "hairball" have been a better way to put it? Or should I have just not said anything?

Fine - on to more "happy" topics....

Next up, series of pictures of the finished gift. I bought dish towels, three hand towels, and a pair of potholders. I also bought some co-ordinating yarn..... Came up with two knit dishcloths with watering cans on them (the recipient and her mother both said they had never seen dishcloths with pictures in them before....), and I cut one of the hand towels in half, and crocheted back and forth across the top, decreasing as I went, and made the towel toppers, and I got some plastic canvas nylon from my stash and made a soft scrubby. (just some rows of sc with some bobbles interspersed....)

And you can see my nosey inspector, too.... Always need to be involved in everything I do.... But she is just so sweet about it :) If only two legged children had as much interest in household chores as two of my four legged children.... If only they could actually HELP instead of just get in the way.....LOL....

Kitties in a Row afghan. I've wanted to make this since I first saw it way back when in a library book, when I first learned to crochet, and was looking for things to make.... I thought it was beyond my skills, so it went in the "to do one day" file.... Then, along came the internet, and I saw it off and on over the years while browsing.... but of course, by then, I had so many in the to do file, and in the WIP pile, not to mention a good healthy start on a UFO pile.... So, I was really really happy when it turned up as a "Crochet along" project..... Hm... I need to see about getting a button for that..... Anyway, here's how far along I am (it's supposed to be finished this month - well, that won't happen, but I won't let it migrate to the UFO pile... It's about time I made me an afghan again, so that is what this one is destined to be....) and a close up of the fleck yarns I picked up....

Ok, it isn't letting me upload the close up.... don't know why..... wonder if there is some limit on how many pics you can load a day? Or per post? Hm....

Well, I will post, I promise....

Oh, I almost forgot!!! Over at the Ez as Pi group, there is going to be a new knit along!!! It's starting the middle of April, so I should have no trouble finishing the anniversary Pi and being ready, lol.... And it is so exciting!! :) I'm really looking forward to it.....

Remember those neat books, those "choose your own adventure" books? I don't know if there are still new ones out there - been a while since I paid that close attention to kid's books - well, older kids' books.... Anyway, you read, then when you get to the end of the page, you gotta decide between two or three things, then you read the page number based on that decision? Well, there is going to be a "Mystery Choose Your Own Adventure Pi" shawl knit along! You'll get to choose between different lace patterns for each section!! I can hardly wait.... I think I might even have some yarn I can use - I picked up some brown laceweight yarn from a thrift store.... a nice looking brown.....

I'm so excited!!!!


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