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Monday, March 27, 2006

No Pictures today....

Although, I will take one later :) I finished the gift project. Two dishcloths knitted with a watering can, two towel toppers crocheted sort of my own design - nothing fancy worth writing down. More of a "formula" method. I cut one of the three towels I bought in half, hand basted a hem on the cut edge, then using a smaller steel hook, I made three sc to "lock in" the corner, then sc'd across, then 3 sc at the last corner. I tried to space evenly and equally, and didn't do too badly - I had 55 on one, and 57 on the other. So, I then switched to a larger aluminum hook, (F) and did a row of sc, "losing" two stitches on the one towel. I worked a few rows even, the began decreasing at equal intervals. I worked both towels at the same time, doing a couple rows on each, so that I didn't have to write everything down. Finally, I made the "strap" for hanging, and then I made a couple little "buttons".

I worked a bit more on the pi, and did a few more rows of kitties on the 'ghan. But not much else. I was in some "all day" meetings on Saturday - something I get to do twice a year. In preparation for a weekend conference - also twice a year. That will be done in May...

Also, I got a library book on Friday, so I've been reading, too. I have a few favourite authors - this book is by one of them. John Sandford. He writes a series, with the same recurring characters, that starts with "Rules of Prey". All the titles have "Prey" in them.... I'm reading number 17 on the list... "Broken Prey". It's the newest.... I've read the others, too.... Good books. :) It helps to read them in order.

I also like to read the Joe Grey series.... by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Those for sure have to be read in order. Starting with "Cat on the Edge". A new one is out, but I wait until they come out in paper back, then I buy them. Love those books - I usually find myself crying at the end, though....

Other books/authors I like: I used to enjoy the Lillian Jackson Braun "Cat who...." books, but find the newer ones are more fluff and not much story. I also used to like the Rita Mae Brown Mrs. Murphy series, but they, too are getting too much - romance? I don't like romance much.

Much better are the Midnight Louie series. Carole Nelson Douglas. I have a great deal of respect for that lady. Busy though she is, she still finds time to advocate for kitty rights (supporting no kill shelters) and time for her fans. A great lady.

Terry Brooks is good, too, though I'm not into all of his books. The Kingdom of Landover, and the Knight of the Word are good series, but I just can't get into the Shanara stuff.

Same with Anne McCaffrey. I like the Pern series, and the Acorna books, but am not taken by the others....The Ship or the Crystal singers.... Oh, I *do* like the Botany series....

James Patterson is another good read - the Alex Cross books.

Oh, and I can't forget Michael Crichton. I've read all of his books, too, except "Eaters of the Dead" and "The Great Train Robbery". I've even tried the books on tape of the Eaters, but just can't seem to get past the first few pages.

Stephen King - though I haven't read any of his for several years, now. I still say he's a good author, though. I've heard his later works aren't up to par, but like I said, haven't read any for a long time, so I have to catch up with the ones I have first :)

For humour lovers, there is Terry Pratchett. Excellent books!!! Fantastic wit!! My favourite character is Death. I like the City Watch better than most of the Wizard books, but they're all quite good :)

I probably like and read more fiction, but those are the ones I can think of for right now. I have read some of Susan Connant's work - the dog mysteries, and I did try to read her first cat mystery, but not sure if I like that one.... I didn't have time to read it when I had it from the library, so I'm going to have to try again.

So, that's my post for today. Will take pictures, and share them later this week.


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