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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I bin TOLD!!!

That is was high time I updated my blog. :) So... here goes.

I *did* add a pet.... a hamster. I think that about covers all the cyber blog pets, except for a duck and a hedgehog. I might do the duck.... they are going to add a monkey next. I don't think I want a monkey. Depends, though. I'll have to see it. But for now, I don't want a monkey.

Pictures- well, I haven't been making enough progress on some stuff to warrent pictures.

Why not? Well, I'm trying to clean my carpet. At the rate I'm going, by the time I'm finished it will be time to start again. I keep getting interrupted. I plan to spend a day moving stuff around, and someone else decides they need me to do something. And it is usually the kind of need and the kind of something that I just cannot morally say no to. So.... I get stuck. Then I get annoyed, and a tad resentful. Like, why is it that when I ask for help, no one seems to be available, or capable, or whatever, but they sure do think of me first.....

But, I try not to let it get to me for too long. Resentments don't do me any good. They just keep me frustrated and tied up in knots and all that. But, I'm human, so I do get them from time to time. I just try not to let my resentments rule me.

Anyway..... I do have a few pictures. One is of the grandkid. Taken at Easter. And since she was using her sister's afghan that I made a few years ago, I got a picture of that, too..... And I have a picture of my yard. With my Border in it.... So, what say everyone - think it is big enough to have an alpaca (drool) for a pet? And try to convince the neighbours it is an overgrown dog? The neighbour who's house is right beside the fence is a knitter (former - age and body wearing out has made knitting too painful for her) so she would understand the fibre addiction, I'm sure :)

So, here's the pics:

Now, before anyone goes getting all excited here.... The cool thing about crochet is that you can use any square graph - like from a cross stitch or latch hook pattern, and you can crochet the picture. So, no, I cannot share the graph, but if you look in other areas of your local craft store, you just might find something you can work with..... :)

And, I'm working right now on a graph afghan that I had to design myself, because I couldn't find one anywhere already made of a ballet dancer. I'm making a gift afghan for a child who's birthday is in June, and for some reason, I missed the boat on making a gift when this child was born. My DH's boss - had two kids and no gifts, but DH's co-workers have been getting gifts... Don't know where in the heck my brain was.... So these kids are getting toddler afghans.... The girl gets the ballet dancer, and the boy (who's birthday isn't until December) will be getting something with cars/trucks on it. That should be easy enough to design.....

And graph afghans work up so quick!!!

Anyway, here's Bear, and a good veiw of the side yard....

So, project wise, I've been working on a few of the dishcloths, getting them done. I spent some time designing, drawing, graphing, refining the dancer. And I've been playing with food colour. I went to Ram Wools ( to see what price they were going to sell the Handicrafter Cotton at.... (so many lys's around here have been closing down, and Ram is trying to pick up the slack as best they can - and now you all know a little more about me - like what city I live in, lol....) and picked up some wool because I want to try Easter egg dyeing. Well, I also figured out that I needed a second pair of wool socks, because I'm hording my one pair.... I won't wear them because then I'll have to handwash them before I can wear them again, and what if it is cold before I get to.... So, I am knitting myself a second pair. I also wanted to see if I could get a nice yellow.... So, I did the food colouring instead of the egg colouring. I got a very nice yellow.... and since I had some green food colour mixed up for something else, I poured some of that at one end of the dye bath. I'm getting some neat striping yellow and green cheerful spring colours!! I'm happy....

And I'm past the heel of the second sock for the six sock knitalong.

Oh, with all the running around I was doing last week, that is mostly what I had been focussed on - portable projects. So, I've finished off some dishcloths and progressed on socks. I still have a languishing shawl, a need to start shawl, another crochet afghan, some doilies, a pile of UFO's, and I should also make some DH style socks soon... Been a while since I made anything for him :)

And, I guess I need to do some blog button updating, but I see that it is almost time for the computer to go through it's paces, and since I still have boxes of stuff all over the living room that need to be unpacked and put back on shelves so I can get the floor finished, I may or may not get to the buttons today or tomorrow.... I'll try, though.... :)


  • At 12:50 p.m., Blogger WPGGAL said…

    Love your Grandbaby, how adorable. The afghan is nice too, Pooh Bear is one of my very favorites! Good work on your blog, keep it up!!


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