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Friday, June 02, 2006


That's not the words that were going through my mind... anyway...

I forgot to mention!! Another of the little "houseblogkeeping" that I need to do... gotta get a few blog buttons uploaded to flikr, so I can add them on the side... Especially....

I joine the Amazing Lace thing - y'know, that TV show, the Amazing Race... Well, there is an "Amazing Lace" project. I joined with, for sure, two teammates. I'm going to dig my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl and my Charlotte's Web shawl out of the UFO pile, and get them done before the summer is over. I will also be attempting to get my mystery shawl number three done, my garden pi shawl done, and I'm going to be creating a pair of socks with lace pattern on the legs. I've already (paper) graphed it out, just need to cast on. Now that I've got another pair of socks off the needles that I plan to use :)


I'm going to be immersing myself in lace knitting for the summer. Mostly shawls. And I'm going to get busy making a few more socks, and especially knitting some socks for DH. Plus a whack of dishcloths, both knit and crochet, plus several other crochet projects I'm behind on, plus some latch hook, some cross stitch, some quilting, and I GOTTA get busy spinning... I'm running out of laceweight yarn and wool yarn to dye - gotta start making some of my own, lol....

Ok, now, off this machine!!!!


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