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Friday, June 02, 2006

Crazy times....

Been a crazy two weeks here.... Long weekend away, forgot half the stuff I should have taken (including a ball of yarn for working on the afghan I needed to finish a couple days ago....). Then home only a couple days, and off again for a weekend conference. Which I couldn't really take much with me....

Have taken some pictures, but not had time really to resize them so I can post them. :(

Came home this week to find that someone near and dear to me is not doing well in hospital and everything, and have spent a lot of time working on a little something special... So I just don't have time to do a lot of "fun" computer things.

Going through my history folder today, and found that there was a new cyber pet. Didn't plan to get this one, but you can really play with him a lot. Called him "Mitch". My Dear Sister, when she reads this post, will understand, I know.... :)

Shouldn't be here right now, should be packing...getting ready for another great weekend away from the stresses of everyday life, away from the kid....

Hey, did I mention (no, from here I can't just go look) that this year I got to catch the first fish of the season? :) :) Well, it wasn't a keeper, but it was a decent size.

Let's see, what else... still not concentrating proper.... trying to remember all the things we forgot to take out with us... so I don't forget again....

Feel like going to sleep.... need a nap.... been on the go for about two weeks straight... UG. Still don't have the living room carpet clean... but won't have to move too much furniture anymore. Only other thing is the desk the computer is on... which happens to be a big old oak desk - it ain't moving.... so, there will be four little squares of carpet, about three square inches each, that won't get cleaned for quite some time, lol....

Ok, will try to make sure that I remember, next time I get on the 'puter, to resize some pictures. :)


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