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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quicky post.... today will be a long day :)

I haven't taken many pictures lately - been crazy around here. "Summer hours" have started, which shortens my week by a day - I've said it before, I'll say it again - I love my DH, but having him underfoot instead of at work drives me nuts!!! So, my routine is being messed with. Plus, this coming weekend is known in these here parts as the "May Long Weekend" - varies in dates year to year, but the sentiment is the same - gardens get planted, summer hideaways get opened for the year.... So, we'll be off to open our summer place and plant a garden. We do have a not too bad yard here in the city, but when you have friends who live on a quarter section, and offer you garden space, it is very hard to resist taking them up on the offer!! And, when your hubby works for the same company long enough to qualify for 6 weeks of paid vacation, and the company offers the deal that if you work a little extra each day, you get every second Friday or Monday off (he used to get Fridays, but now he's considered "office" staff, so he gets Mondays), well, you tend to spend an awful lot of time in the summer out at your summer place.

So, if I seem scarce for a little while, it isn't 'cause I got nothing to say - it's 'cause I'll be miles away from the 'puter!!!

Now, for pictures - I got a couple pics of some past projects - one is hard to see, but it is my very first ever quilting project. I have a book of cat line drawings to use for making appliques or quilting designs, and I selected a few from it, and made myself a cushion. I learned something very quickly from that. Corduroy does not show off quilting stitches very well..... But, for a beginner.....

Having learned my lesson, I tried a second cushion - this one I used a cat printed panel of fabric (one of the rare moments when I actually cut some of the kitty fabric collection....) Besides the simple outline quilting, I did a little sort of tarpunto type thing, but adding suffing to some parts of the kitty, and to the fish:

Next offering is an afghan I knitted - the pattern was one of those free tear off sheets at the store - and my first time working with an eyelash style yarn - Red Heart Foxy by name. I think it looks rather nice - feminine like :) Not at all like my personality, but what the hey - I like it. LOL.

Ok, so now you've seen some of my work - I knit, I crochet, I quilt, I latchhook, and I do many others, which I haven't got pictures of.... BUT - the key thing, is that you can see that I really can do many different types of crafts. When I say that "crafts are my passion", you can now see that I really mean it. I have a passion for doing all kinds of crafts. Oh, right - if you look in the photo album, my yahoo photo album, I know I have a link for it on the right side bar, you can see a tiny bit ('cause I'm still quite new!) of my spinning, too.... Anyway, as I was saying, I have a passion for creating things. I really and truly enjoy taking raw materials and appropriate tools, and turning them into things of beauty and function.

The other part of my sig line and title for this blog, "cats are my obsession" - well, I keep telling people that the kitty collection has something in the neighbourhood of over 5000 items. Here is a fraction of that.... (some pictures are a little fuzzy - sorry, I will be taking better pictures one of these days, but these were just some I "snapped" to share with somebody....

Yes, our walls are blue. Yes, blue is supposed to be a cool colour. Yes, our living room feels quite warm. We managed to find a blue with just enough red undertones in it to make it comfortable without becoming purple. Neither of us like the greenish blues. We like the ice blues, or the warm blues.

And, yes, that clock on the wall - it meows ever hour. :) I love it.... the books on the shelves - the top row is all cats, mostly fiction. the middle shelf is about half cats - I have my Harry Potter books, and the few John Sandford "Prey" books in my collection, and a couple reference books. The third shelf - that is all cats.

On the top row of pictures, on the right hand side, (I know, it's very fuzzy - I didn't realize until I'd downloaded just how fuzzy) below the yellow fake flowers, there is a white potpourrie burner, and an roange fat-fat, and in between a cat face.... the cat face is my cat spindle. :) I like my cat spindle..... It has a bit of a wobble (top whorl) but if it gets flipped over to act as a bottom whorl, the wobble isn't bad. Now, remember, I'm a beginner - this was "discovered" by my spinning mentor. Me - I bought it 'cause it was a kitty, lol. Of course, I love it when my kitty collection is functional as well, and when I get better at spindle spinning, I know I will use it from time to time, but for now, it is on display. I have a bottom whorl Louet, and a top whorl Ashford to learn to spin on, and a very well balanced "llama" spindle. Hm, or is it an alpaca??? :) It just occured to me.....

I know, the person who made it said it was a llama spindle, but since it is just an outline, a silhouette, I can pretend it is an alpaca..... :) LOL.....

Ok, back to checking my email, before I head out for my haircut, laundramat, chiropractor, bit of shopping.... Like I said, today is going to be a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG day.....


  • At 5:54 a.m., Blogger Patricia said…

    I think that your collection is inbteresting but my second thought was...yikes, who dusts all that stuff? I saw the socks below and wanted to say that I love the colorway. I just was distracted by all the cat ephemra.

  • At 6:48 a.m., Blogger Catlady said…

    Um, I do... And once a year or so, I give them all a bath :)

    I don't get distracted, myself, by the kitty collection. In fact, while we were rearranging some furniture, some of the collection was still packed in a box, and I really missed it... You should have seen how frazzled I was when it all had to be packed up for a week or so when we painted the room.... I really, truly, love the kitty collection.....


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