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Friday, June 23, 2006

The great "event".....

One thing I need to explain first. You know those old cartoons, of a woman spotting a mouse, so she stands on a chair, screaming, until the man or the cat comes to "rescue" her from the mouse? Well, that is how my DH is. Or was - he *is* getting better, due to exposure.... (well, when you have cats, that are good mousers, they tend to bring their prey to show off their hunting and capturing abilities -which usually means live mice running around the living room - DS still hasn't gotten over his problem with mice, but that is another story - two grown men up on furniture while I have to take a mouse away from a cat....)

Anyway -

A couple weeks ago, at our trailer..... We have a trailer with a "leanto" style cabin built onto the side. It is much more than a "leanto" but still only three walls and a roof.... the fourth wall consists of the trailer itself. So, the door to the cabin opens into the room, right near the trailer door, which opens out into the cabin/room as well. When both doors are open, this forms a closed off corner behind the two doors. We use that as storage space - putting things like a vacuum cleaner there. You know, the stuff that you don't need all day every day.... Well, there was also this rolled up mattress thing there. We've since got rid of it.... it came from a hideabed, and we thought it might fit on one of the beds in the trailer - it didn't....

So, (I know, I keep wandering off topic - though I'm sure by now you've guessed what caused the event anyway) a couple weeks ago, DH went to do something with a shirt that was hanging on the trailer door. As he touched it, turned out - in his words - "HOLY SH*T!!!! That's the biggest mouse I've ever seen!!!!" So, of course, me thinking if it is that big, it isn't likly a mouse, it would likely be a rat. Which it wasn't.... But, I digress again....

So, I go over, and we see if we can still see this thing - that had been sitting atop the rolled up mattress. Well, now it was halfway down the mattress, looking quite scared, and looking quite un-mouselike. It definitely wasn't a mouse. It also ran away - and I got a look at it's tail. No mouse or rat that I've ever seen had a furry tail.....

We discussed what to do. I have a mousetrap out there - but this was definitely no mouse, and much bigger than the trap. We talked about taking the girls out. But that would be at least a week away. We talked about hoping the "mouse" would leave on its own, the same way it must have gotten in. We took all the stuff from behind the doors, and couldn't see the critter.

So, we took the dogs for a walk. Found a tree that was storm downed. Got the saws, started cutting it up. (we have a wood stove out there for heat in the early spring and later into the fall. We also like to cook over a fire)

I went back to grab our truck to haul the tree wood back. When I went into the cabin, I heard a pitiful crying noise. That sealed it. There was no way that there would be any mousetrap, cats or anything else that would hurt this poor little critter. Instead, I grabbed the camera..... I also left the door wide open, hoping the little guy would leave through the nice big open space.... Nope. Later, we got a live trap, and capture it, then let it go into the bushes.

Oh, what was it, and where are the pictures? Coming...Keep your shirt on.... don't worry, not *that* shirt

So, without further delay, the pictures of our flying squirrel!!! (oh, and the one pic - I thought I was getting a picture of a wall, 'cause he ran before the digital camera was done its clicking and flashing routine - but somehow, got a cool "ghost" pic)

Ok, don't know why I can't upload three more pictures.... am going to publish this post, then try again..... Seems to work for me that way....Except then, you see that post first, then this one, with the story... DANG. Don't know why.... just a second...Maybe now that I've typed some.....

On the left, (above) he found a space behind the door trim - on the right, you can still see his tail sticking out :)

Yes....Now I've learned the trick - you can upload three pics, then you gotta type :) Wuhoo.... lol.....


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