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Friday, June 09, 2006

Can I remember?

How to add pictures? LOL.... I'm way way behind.... on a lot of things. Don't you just love how everything happens at once?

Ok, picture of the first afghan I ever knit. It was done - oh, 17? years ago.... and you can see why I don't trust my colour sense.... I like the blue. I like the yellow. I like the peach. I like the way the blue and peach go together. I like the way the yellow and blue go together. But the yellow and peach? Nope. Big mistake!!

I've since made the same afghan in just two tone brown for DH, and in deep red, black and white for DDIL. And I've learned a lot about colour mix and match.

Next, is another afgan, that was titled ribbon or something. Basically, two colours, small needles garter stitch for six rows, then larger needles, knit into front and back of each stitch, 10 rows stockinette, k2 tog. across, switch to smaller needles and garter.... I think the original used a light colour for the garter, or was it white for the puffy part? Don't recall - it was a library book, and the pattern was so simple to memorize....
ANd one more for today.... My first quilt. Well, it was the first top I ever pieced. Couldn't make up my mind how I wanted it to look..... I made a crib quilt after I pieced this top - it was a Santa one, machine appliqued, from one of the BH&G Santa Claus magazines that (used to? still?) come out in the fall. I machine quilted it, using my regular sewing machine, because it was how you attached the appliques.... Anyway, that was in the pre-computer owning days, in the pre-think-to-take-picture-for-posterity days.... so I don't have a picture at all of that one. It was well received as a Christmas present by a not close not too distant relative - one that is worth the effort but you don't see everyday? Besides, is now divorced, and the kids are older, so probably don't still use the quilt? Whatever.... Point, I don't have and probably will never get a pic of that quilt. As for finishing this one - I started it, piecing the top, in our old house, but quilted it here, in our "new" house - we've been here ten years. So, it has been finished less than ten years. I machine quilted it, also - not with a quilting machine, but with my trusty Singer. I decided then that I didn't like using the sewing machine to quilt. I decided to become a hand quilter. So I made those two cushions I posted about. Then, I made that huge quilt - the bear quilt, that I think I've written about, but also didn't think to take a good picture of. Somewhere, I have a snap shot photo that I will have to find and scan of my DS at Christmas time when I gave it to him. Of course, I hand quilted it.... turned out to be 105 inches by 107 inches or some such.... I gotta get a photo of that.... In the meantime, and without further delay, the quilt:

Dang.... Can't upload. Guess I forgot Ok, so there *is* a delay :(

Wonder if there is some sort of daily limit on size? Of course, I resize everything....

Maybe I can try again next time I post... hope I don't forget!!


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