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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It has been a year!!!

My blog is a year old :)

Ok, so I haven't posted daily or anything....I have made some effort, though, to try to post weekly. Well, Ok, this summer really sucked for posting. BUT - I'm having more fun with it than I thought I would!!

I started the blog for a couple reasons....Not because I thought my babble was worthy of world wide notice. I'm just not that self important.

I started the blog because a) I wanted pets - cyber pets, whatever.... and b) I wanted to share "in progress" photos without clogging up my online photo album and c) because I sometimes want to journal about or chatter about my life and I'm in several different groups (being a multicrafter) and some of those groups don't allow much or any off topic chatter. And let's be honest - not *everyone* is a cat lover!!! :-O

Now all I have to do is get off my lazy ol' butt, and take some pictures of my current "in progress" projects, lol.

I've made a couple things without following patterns. I made a doggy sweater for a friend - and she wanted matching leg warmers. So, I had to create them.... I'll take a picture before I part with them.... Anyway, this same friend's younger sister apparently asked her mom for some mittens with a paw print on the palm. The mom (who is a dear friend of mine) asked me about it. Well, of course, I couldn't refuse.... So.... I haven't used a pattern to make mittens for so many years, that that part was easy enough. But the paw print - well, I haven't had any experience at graphing for knitting yet. I mean, yeah, I'm starting to think about lace graphing, which actually seems to work somewhat done on regular square graph paper. But a picture? And, of course, colourwork in the round? Not to mention, for mittens? Which, of course, meant watching the floats. Who wants to fight with snagging fingers and maybe rings/jewellery when putting on mittens? And when one does colourwork in the round, the danger is making things too tight, so the floats need to be loose....

Definite challenge.

So far, they're coming along nicely. I've been using my hand as the model, since the girl is in her late teens, so if the mitten will fit me, it will fit her.

I've also got to make a kitchen set. Like I did back in the spring for another friend's daughter....

Then, I'm not on any particular schedule, so maybe I can tackle some of the backlog of UFO's and WIP's and WIM's.... :)

I'd love to get back into quilting and tatting. Haven't done either for a while.... It would be nice to finish the one quilt - I meant to make it for DGS's first birthday, or was it his second? Anyway, since he's going to be five this December, I suppose I'd better hurry and finish it, before it becomes a project for one of *his* kids.....:(

And then there is my "Stairway to Cat Heaven" quilt. I mean, that was the introduction to the internet pattern world for me. I forget where - someone had posted a picture of the finished quilt, and when I asked about the source of the pattern, she directed me to the McCalls website and free pattern..... The rest, as they say, is history....

So. Let's see....can I post a picture today? If so, then I'm doing the one of me and Laney......

Yup. There we are.....wearing tiaras, hugging and smiling.....

I'm going to miss her.

Ok. Now that I've got the picture thing working again....I gotta take some pictures, then load them.... :) In the meantime, today is Wednesday, which means - laundry!! I really gotta get this house back in order. Maybe I'll take some "before and after" pictures, and shame myself into clearing up and cleaning.... I really hate housework, and being a packrat doesn't help.....


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