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Monday, October 02, 2006

Never Say Goodbye

That is the title of a great song by "Kyprios". If you google for "Kyprios lyrics" you can find it....

Why am I mentioning that song? Well...It has happened finally. You might have noticed I didn't post much this summer. I mentioned, back in July, that I had some bad news. In fact, in a post or two before that, I had mentioned that someone special to me was ill. In hospital, and not doing well.

Ok, let's start at the beginning, then, shall we?

Some years back, when I was still fairly new to the 'net, I had joined an email group called "Socknitters". I had recently learned to knit socks, and had found the list via the socknitters website. I didn't stay on that list long, that first time, because I got flamed badly. (long, irrelevant story). I have since gained some experience, a thicker skin, "flame proof undies", and have also rejoined that list.

Anyway, on the first try - I had seen this one person who had this really cool sig line. It had all sorts of strange notations - various "titles" this person claimed.... She signed her posts "Yarnfairy". Among the other names.... Well, I was curious. I asked her about them. She very kindly led me to another group of people. And a place where I could acquire "titles" - silly name generators and such.

Well, that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We began bumping into each other on a few other lists - primarily the knitting community. One time, she decided, that I was following her around "like a pesky little sister" - and, since we had so much in common, she figured we were sisters separated at birth, and began calling me her "Baby Sis".

We often emailed each other. We even kept in touch by snail mail. Though not as often as email. See, I live in Canada, and she lived (damn, that d was hard to type) in Texas. The thought that we could ever get together was, well, a dream, I guess. We almost had an opportunity, once. See, there is this get together, a "fibre fest", held informally in middle of March in Bloomington, Illinois. It's been an annual event for a few years now...called "Bloomie Fest". Well, one year, I thought I might be able to attend. That was in 2004... Sadly, though, life got in the way, and I couldn't go. So, I obtained Yarnfairy's phone number, and called her instead. We chatted for a while on the phone, and it was great. Not the same as an in-person meet, but great anyway. Then - in 2005.... I went to Bloomie Fest. I got to meet this wonderful "Big Sis" of mine. We had a blast.

Yarnfairy is - Damn, *was* - a generous, kind, helpful, friendly, cheerful, caring, lovely person. Her spirit of keeping a smile on her face despite adversity was an inspiration. Her ability to raise people's spirits by gifting them - with a "RAK" - Random Act of Kindness - or with a few well chosed words in an email or postcard - fantastic.

This past year has been hard on Yarnfairy. She has suffered, healthwise, for many years. More than one person can bear. She took on most of these challenges with her usual spirit - smiling in the face of adversity. But, alas, the challenges overtook her. Her spirit was broken - or, in her words, her "Yarnfairy wings were drooping".

Finally, after many complications, and many failed attempts to fix her breaking body, she decided it was time to stop trying.

She finally succombed to her multiple illnesses and conditions, and passed away peacefully on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2006.

There is to be a memorial service today, at 11:00 am Central time, in Texas. I am unable to attend, however - I decided that I would spend some time in quiet reflection when that service takes place. I may not be there in person, but I will be in spirit.

Once, Yarnfairy sent me a RAK. It was a ball of yarn, and knitting needles, and a note that said that I should cast on three, and knit, increasing one stitch each row, and knit myself a shawl from her. I did, and I think of that shawl as my "Yarnfairy Hug".

Another time, she sent me a t-shirt, with a Texas flag on it.

One of our little "get together" things, is that we often have "cyber margueritas" together. In fact, when we finally met at BloomieFest, we had a couple of *real* margueritas together.

So. At 11:00 am today, I shall be wearing my Texas T-shirt, my hug shawl, my BloomieFest tiara (something else that Yarnfairy loved - to wear her tiara!), and I shall be drinking a marguerita to her memory. A memory that I shall not let die - I shall do my best to pass on the love and caring and sharing that Yarnfairy has left as her lagacy. I know, too, that any who met her, who's life was touched by her, will be doing the same. The Yarnfairy may have "left the building", but her Yarnfairy Dust will continue to fall gently on the world.....

Which is why I chose to title this post, "Never Say Goodbye". I can't, won't, ever say goodbye to Yarnfairy. I can let her go to the better place she is, peaceful and whole again, but I can NOT let her memory go. I shall do my part so that she may live on in my heart until we meet again.....

Laney Yarnfairy Carstarphen, I shall miss you!!!!

I had intended to insert a picture here - don't know if it is my virus scan interfering with that, or blogger acting up again. Grrrr....

I have a picture of Laney and I together at BloomieFest.... I will share it when I can.... maybe later today, I can edit....


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